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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-04 14:33:48 –

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker denounced members of his own party on Monday, saying that continued efforts by some Republicans to overturn the outcome of the presidential election are “insults to democracy.” Stated.

President Donald Trump, with the support of 12 Republicans and up to 100 Republicans, when Congress was convened at a joint meeting to confirm President Joe Biden’s 306-232 victory. I challenged the elections of the Electoral College.

“I can’t remember who said this over the weekend, but someone said,’Joe Biden in the presidential election won the election fairness and the square,'” Baker said on Monday. “He did it.”

Despite Trump’s allegations of fraudulent voting, state officials claimed the elections went smoothly, with no evidence of fraud or other issues that could change the outcome. The state has found the results fair and valid. Almost all of the more than 50 proceedings filed by the president and his allies with challenging election results have been dismissed or withdrawn. He also lost twice in the United States Supreme Court.

On a phone call revealed on Sunday, Trump can be heard pressing Georgian authorities to “find” him more votes.

A phone call between President Donald Trump, a member of his staff, and Georgia officials obtained by NBC News was sent by the president to overturn the state’s election results by the president, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger. Make sure you have begged, bullied, and threatened. Reported by Tracie Potts of NBC.

“I think the turmoil, criticism and commentary about trying this is an insult to democracy and the voices of people found in record numbers in this election,” Baker said. “During my life, I don’t understand how people in my party can say that all the other elections they barely won were okay, and I think they’re concerned The only thing that can be done is the top election of tickets. “

“I hope these initiatives fail,” he added, so an orderly transition can take place.

“We’ve just completed a 20-minute question-and-answer session about the deployment of the largest, most important, and potentially life-saving vaccine in US history. At this point, everyone thinks it can’t be done fast enough. Probably .. In my view, it’s a place where federal-level colleagues need to focus their time and attention. “

Baker is one of the growing numbers of prominent Republicans who oppose Trump.

“The 2020 elections are over,” said a bipartisan group of 10 senators, including Republican Susan Collins in Maine, Lisa Marcuski in Alaska, Bill Cassidy in Louisiana, and Mitt Romney in Utah. A statement from said on Sunday.

Both Democratic and Republican heavy hitters will land in Georgia one day before the state’s final vote to determine a new senator and, as a result, which party will dominate the senate. President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and President-elect Joe Biden are expected to be confused for their parties at the last minute to expel voters.

A further attempt to question the election, Senator wrote, “contrary to the clearly stated will of the American people and only undermine American confidence in the already decided election results.”

“The plan by lawmakers to refuse to approve the presidential election ridicules our system and that we are Americans,” said Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland.

Former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement that “Biden’s victory is perfectly justified,” and that efforts to instill doubts about the election “lay the foundation for our republic.” ..

An extraordinary challenge to the presidential election on a scale not seen since the aftermath of the Civil War is set to cloud the opening of a new parliament and consume its first day. The House and Senate will accept the Electoral College vote at a joint session on Wednesday. This is usually a normal process that is expected to be a long battle.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Charlie Baker Calls Continued Efforts to Overturn Presidential Election ‘An Affront to Democracy’ – NECN Source link Charlie Baker Calls Continued Efforts to Overturn Presidential Election ‘An Affront to Democracy’ – NECN

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