“Charlie Bit My Finger” Leaves YouTube After NFT Sale

The original 2007 video “Charlie Bit My Finger”, the flag bearer of the viral internet, Non-fungible token for $ 760,999, And the family that created it will permanently remove the original from YouTube.

The original video Played nearly 900 million timesIs characterized by a British toddler, Charlie Davies Carr, biting his brother Harry Davies Carr’s finger and laughing after Harry yells “OWWWW”.

Owners can also create their own parody of the video featuring Charlie and Harry Davis Car.

Many copies of the video, including one apparently, remain online. Rebranded by family In anticipation of the auction itself. However, at the auction, bidders were able to “own the YouTube phenomenon that will soon be removed” and become “the only owner of this adorable Internet history.”

The market for digital art, ephemera, and media ownership, known as NFTs, continues to grow, drawing attention to the widely-watched videos and memes that many have long forgotten.

NFT buyers typically do not own the copyright, trademark, or sole ownership of their purchase. They are mainly purchased with the idea that their copy is genuine.

“”Dither Star GirlA meme in a photo of Zoe Ross looking at a burning house in the neighborhood in 2005. It sold for $ 500,000 at an NFT auction last month. Nyan catAn animated flying cat with a pop-tarts torso that leaves a rainbow rail. It sold for about $ 580,000 in February.Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet More than sales as NFT $ 2.9 millionClip Lebron James Blocking shots in a Lakers basketball game amounted to $ 100,000 in January.Sold by the artist $ 69.3 Million Digital Image Collage NFT, In an auction to grab other headlines.

During ~ NFT sale, The computer is connected to a cryptocurrency network. It records transactions in a shared ledger, stores them on the blockchain, seals them as part of a permanent public record, and acts as a kind of proof of authenticity that cannot be modified or erased.

The NFT battle had 11 active bidders, mainly between two bidders, 3fmusic and mememaster. When the bid closed on Sunday, mememaster was over $ 45,444 by 3fmusic. A person with the same name also purchased the “Disaster Girl” meme NFT.

The influence of the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video continued to be felt. A few years since it was first posted.. Written in Gerber Spot and the “30 Rock” episode, it was the subject of countless parody videos.But it’s still well known for starting the genre Infectious shareable video..

Howard Davies Carr, Charlie and Harry’s father, said: 2012 New York Times He didn’t think his son was a celebrity, but they nevertheless became a brand. The family was perceived in a random location, such as the London Underground.

To Interview with brothers in 2017 about British talk show “This Morning”Howard Davies Carr filmed his brother who grew up “just doing the usual thing”, and Charlie bit his brother’s finger while watching TV after a busy day in the yard. Said.

“The video was fun and I wanted to share it with the boy Godfather,” said Howard Davies Carr, who lived in the United States and the video was initially private, but people, including parents, Watching it because it was difficult to share, he published the video.

A few months later, when the video reached 10,000 views or more, Howard Davy’s car was almost removed. Benefits from videos and other occasions allowed the family to send Charlie, Harry, and two other brothers to a private school, said Sherry Davisker, the boy’s mother.

The humble beginning video that Charlie and Harry decided to sell helped Sherry Davis Carr stop working full-time when his fourth child was born.

“I was just watching TV and just decided to bite him,” Charlie Day Beescar said in an interview. “He put his finger in my mouth, so I just bite.” Harry Davis-Kerr couldn’t remember the pain of the bite.

“Charlie Bit My Finger” Leaves YouTube After NFT Sale

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