Charlie Puth Releases New Catastrophic Snippet on Instagram-Hollywood Life

The All-Star songwriter made fun of his fans on his Instagram with clips of new, heart-wrenching farewell songs and heartwarming videos.

There is no such thing as a farewell song, and Charlie Puth On Tuesday, October 26th, he gave fans the taste of the next track singing about broken heart on Instagram Lille. NS Voice memo singer He admitted to fans that he was “afraid to post” clips, where he became emotional about the original person and asked them to prepare the raw lyrics when they heard them. I did.

Before playing the clip songCharlie became real with his fans before going further into his writing process. “I’m not very good at expressing my feelings, so I usually just hide it in the music, but when I write the next part of this song, I feel like I have to tell you why I’m singing. It does. It’s not random. When you hear it, “he said.

The “Attention” singer explained the song somewhat humorously, explaining that he was inspired by the bad relationship. “I once experienced a very terrible farewell, and I felt like I had lost a year of my life,” he said before speaking his lyrical thoughts aloud. rice field. “You robbed me of a year of my life.” Then he played a clip of the track to his fans. This track contains atmospheric instruments with auto-tuned vocals and spectacular piano chords.

Charlie Puth will perform as part of the iHeartRadio Music Festival. (Cheriss May / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

Charlie jammed out and lip-synced with a split ballad of clips. It featured a bitter line that was originally delivered. “You robbed me of a year of my f ** king life, and I can’t get it back anymore / so when I see those tears in your eyes, I do it I hope I am, “he sings. When the drums start the song, he belts a gentle kiss-off to the original. It’s hilarious. “

Hopefully the split track is included in Charlie’s long-awaited third album. NS “See you” Released by vocalist A handful of singles From the 2018s Voice memo, It had its own share Broken heart song, It featured a unique share of farewell jams like “Boy” and “Attention”.

Charlie Puth Releases New Catastrophic Snippet on Instagram-Hollywood Life

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