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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Netflix plans a major expansion in Albuquerque, but the local charter school is still in the middle of the land they plan to build. Portables have made up Mesa del Sol’s international school for years, and soon they will finally get a brand new campus.

Netflix’s Albuquerque Studio is currently undergoing a major expansion. The plan shows that it is adding stages and backlots to hundreds of acres north and east of the current setting.

“They actually bought this land almost a year ago,” said Barbra Langmaid, executive director of Mesa del Sol’s international school. “They bought 300 acres.”

However, there is one problem. The school still sits tapping in the middle of that parcel of land purchased by Netflix.

“We’ve been here since 2009,” Langmaid said. “We started as a K-4 school with 44 students and at that time we had 6 portable devices.”

Currently, it’s from Prekindergarten to 12 days and there are over 20 portables. The school plans to leave the Netflix-owned parcel and move to a new campus currently being built near Mesa.

“There are lockers for middle and high school students, and an outdoor area with a covered courtyard where you can eat and enjoy. The school worked in collaboration with a company that specializes in charter schools, Langmaid said.” According to the charter contract, we have to stay here in Mesa, so they found us land across the street. We have five different colored circles representing international rings. I came up with five building designs that actually represent a logo. “

However, due to the delay in construction due to the pandemic, the relocation schedule was extended by several months. Netflix is ​​currently working on the soil and planning a placement with the city, but in the meantime a privacy fence needs to be installed to avoid the school.

“They are moving the soil, moving the utilities, doing all of them, and with permission, they will start building buildings around us until we are free this spring. Here this We will take over the area, “said Langmaid. “They gave us time for this lease and made us very kind that we didn’t have to move or have anything of that kind. They were helpful, supportive and good neighbors because I don’t think they were fully aware that they were coming here for part of their build. “

School leaders servicing students in many nearby counties say that so far the streaming giants understand the delay. Langmaids say they also helped when it came to getting permission for the new site.

The Mesa del Sol International School hopes to fully relocate to its new campus by the end of March after spring break, but plans to begin several relocations by the end of this year. A Netflix representative said the site plan would be discussed in more detail at the Development Review Committee meeting on November 3rd.

Charter school on Netflix-bought land plans to move Source link Charter school on Netflix-bought land plans to move

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