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Draw Our Way: Celebrate 50 Years of Black Studies (1971-2021) It is currently open to the public on the ground floor of the Chris Library. This exhibition shares the history of one of the country’s oldest black research departments, focusing on curriculum discussions, attempts to downgrade to departmental programs, and interaction between the campus and the community. The exhibits consist of newspaper clippings, departmental documents, photographs, ephemera and other archived materials, recording events from the sit-in on the Omaha 54 campus in 1969 to the celebration of student activists 50 years later. increase. The history of the Black Research Division was characterized not only by the constant struggle for survival, but also by the lasting involvement and support of the Omaha black community. Learn about the origins of the department’s civil rights, the fight for legitimacy from the perspective of the university, and the role of the NAACP Omaha branch in the survival of the department.

Items on display from Archives and special collections It is fully digital and open to the public. For more information on the materials in this exhibition, Department of Black Research Records, NS Student Anxiety Collection, NS UNO poster collection, And that “UNO54” BLAC (Black Liberator for Campus Action) Sit-in Documents, 1969-1970 NS Kirk Nailer Paper..These collections and other collections include departmental Digital repository.. The other items on display are shared by the Black Research Department.

The exhibition will be on display in the archives and special collections on the ground floor of the Chris Library from September 15, 2021 to August 31, 2022. The exhibition will be open to the public during normal business hours of the Chris Library.

The exhibit was curated by outreach archivist Claire Durani. Part of the research in this exhibition was funded by UNO student Paul Jensen from the Office of Research and Creative Activity Work Study Student Researcher and Research Development Program. Eugene S. And Sunny M. Thomas donated a fund for innovation.

The exhibition features the Anniversary Outreach of the Black Research Division, funded by the UNO Strategic Investment Grant, awarded to the UNO Library and the Black Research Division in the “Chartingour Path” project celebrating the 50th anniversary of Black Studies. It’s part of programming. , 1971-2021. Additional funding will be provided by the UNO Library and the Black Research Department. For more information on departments and upcoming events, see. Black Research Division website..

About drawing our way

Draw Our Way: Celebrate 50 Years of Black Studies Is a joint project between the Black Research Department and the UNO Library. The project will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Research Division through campus and community speakers, exhibitions and events from 2021 to 2022, while supporting expanding research, creative activities and open access educational resources. ..Support provided by UNO Strategic investment in social justice, inequality, race and class initiatives.. Charting Our Path is one of the “Telling Our Story” proposals, funded from 2021 to 2023. The project leaders are Dr. Cynthia Robinson, Amy C. Schindler and Claire Durney.

About the University of Nebraska Omaha Library

The UNO Library fulfills UNO’s mission through dynamic services, highly qualified and adaptable personnel, a unique and rich collection, and accessible learning spaces and environments. Dr. CC and Mabel L in the KANEKO-UNO library at UNO’s Dodge Campus and Omaha’s Old Market. At two locations in the Criss Library, UNO Libraries provide the resources and resources needed by UNO students, faculty, and the Omaha community. Excellent academically and professionally.

About the Graduate School of Blacks

The University of Nebraska Omaha Black Graduate School is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the 2021-22 academic year. Since 1971, Black Studies faculty and staff have focused our education, research and services on the experiences of the African continent and diaspora, and the analysis, critique and debate of the systems of oppression and resistance that characterize those experiences. I did. A long, strong and focused determination in the field of black research to counter the story of white supremacism and African-American inferiority through strategic goals of academic performance, student centricity and community engagement. I’m continuing. Give a gift To support the Black Research Department.

Charting Our Path: Celebrating 50 Years of Black Studies (1971-2021) Exhibit Opens to the Public | UNO Libraries Source link Charting Our Path: Celebrating 50 Years of Black Studies (1971-2021) Exhibit Opens to the Public | UNO Libraries

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