Chauvin convicted, Justice Department launches Minneapolis police investigation

Washington- Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Wednesday that the Department of Justice has launched a civil investigation into Minneapolis police practices. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin convicted For the death of George Floyd. Floyd’s murder was captured by a camera, shocking the country and causing widespread protests against police atrocities.

In a brief statement from the Department of Justice, Garland said a thorough investigation would determine whether Minneapolis police were engaged in unconstitutional or illegal police “patterns or practices.” The new civil investigation is separate from the ongoing federal criminal investigation into Floyd’s death from the Department of Justice.

Garland praised the verdict given by a jury in Hennepin County, Minnesota on Tuesday, but said Minneapolis “has not addressed potentially systematic police issues.”

“Most law enforcement officers in our country do their difficult tasks legally with honor,” he said. “I strongly believe that good executives do not want to work in a system that allows bad practices. Accountability is an integral part of building trust with the community, and public security requires public trust, which is good. Officers welcome accountability. “

Attorney General Merrick Garland talks about the jury’s verdict against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin when George Floyd died in the Department of Justice on April 21, 2021.

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A Justice Department investigation released by Garland will investigate whether Minneapolis police are committing discriminatory acts and patterns of using excessive force, including during protests. According to the Attorney General, the ministry will conduct a “comprehensive review” of its policies, training, oversight, and use of force.

“The state prosecution was successful, but I know there’s nothing that George Floyd’s loved ones have felt since his death to fill the void,” he said.

Garland’s remarks came after the jury Chauvin convicted Unintentional two-time murder, three-time murder, and two manslaughter charges for Floyd’s death in May last year. Twelve juries discussed for about 10 hours before convicting a carefully monitored case on Tuesday.

The verdict read by Judge Peter Carhill from the bench met cheers from a crowd of peaceful demonstrators gathered outside the Hennepin County Government Center in anticipation of the jury’s decision. Chauvin’s conviction was relieved, but he called on Congress to pass a drastic police reform.

President Biden Said in remark The White House said the verdict was “advanced,” but Chauvin’s conviction was “very rare” if an unarmed black American died in the hands of law enforcement. .. According to the president, the result was “a unique and extraordinary convergence of factors.”

“We can’t stop here,” Biden said when Mr. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris urged Congress to pass a police reform bill named after Floyd.

The president said that not only was the state and local governments dealing with police racial disparities, but the federal government was also important. I promise to recover. “

As part of a new approach to civil rights and accountability in law enforcement, Garland rolls a 2018 note from the Trump administration on Friday limiting the use of consent judgments used in federal police investigations. Backed up.

Clare Hymes contributed to the report.

Chauvin convicted, Justice Department launches Minneapolis police investigation

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