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Minneapolis (AP) — Former Minneapolis police officer acquitted of George Floyd’s death for murder violated teenager civil rights in another case involving detention similar to that used by Floyd. Insisted on innocence.

Derek Chauvin was convicted earlier this year of Floyd’s 2020 death for two unintentional murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges. He was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. He also accused Floyd of infringing on Floyd’s civil rights when he knelt on the neck of a black man for about nine and a half minutes because he was lying face down on the pavement without resisting or prosecuting the air. Was charged with.

However, another indictment against Chauvin alleges that he did something similar against the then 14-year-old boy in 2017. The indictment came from a teenager Shovin was black, while he was a teenager hitting his head with a flashlight in his throat and he was prone and hand-locked and did not resist. Knees were held on the boy’s neck and upper back.

When asked how US Magistrate Judge Hildi Bowbeer would approve the prosecution, Chauvin replied, “Innocent, your honor.”

The hearing on Thursday took place through a video conference, where Chauvin appeared from the state’s largest prison and was convicted of murder and detained. He was in a large room and wore a plain T-shirt while sitting on the head of a long table. No one was visible in the room with him, but a man was visible behind the windowpane over Chauvin’s shoulder. He had a piece of paper on the table in front of him and looked like he was taking notes.

The hearing on Thursday also covered some routine pre-trial allegations.

According to police reports from a 2017 encounter, Chauvin resisted arrest after a teenager was handcuffed, which he described as 6 feet 2 and about 240 pounds. floor. The boy was bleeding from his ear and had to sew two stitches.

The encounter was one of several state court filings that the prosecutor said showed that Chauvin had used neck or head and upper body restraints seven times before Floyd’s death dating back to 2014. .. “Beyond the time when such power was needed in that situation.”

Chauvin and three other former officers (Thomas Lane, J. Quen, and Toh Sao) were charged with civil rights infringement on Tuesday’s death of Floyd. All four pleaded not guilty to these accusations. The 2017 indictment was filed on the same day as Floyd’s death indictment.

According to Floyd’s death indictment, police officers deprived Floyd of his rights while acting under government authority. The federal complaint alleges that Chauvin violated Floyd’s right to be freed from unjustified seizures and unjustified forces by police officers. Sao and Quen have been charged with violating Floyd’s right to be free from injustice attacks because he did not intervene to stop Chauvin when he knelt on Floyd’s neck. All four officers have been charged with depriving Floyd of his rights when he was unable to provide medical care.

Floyd repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe because Chauvin fixed him to the ground. Quen and Lane helped detain Floyd. According to state court evidence, Quen knelt on Floyd’s back and Lane grabbed Floyd’s leg. Sao suppressed bystanders and prevented them from intervening.


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Chauvin pleads not guilty to alleged civil rights violation – The Denver Post Source link Chauvin pleads not guilty to alleged civil rights violation – The Denver Post

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