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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Drive-Through Sushi? It’s happening in Omaha now. At Cheap Eats this week, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole took us to a new metro restaurant.

Welcome to Foxy Sushi

“We are all fast, fresh and convenient,” said co-owner Sean Colterman.

Foxy Sushi is a new restaurant that takes a new approach to sushi.

“We are not competing with fine dining, but we wanted a fast and casual environment that would be a healthier alternative to fast food,” Colterman explained.

The menu is simple and reasonably priced.

“People love going out for sushi. They didn’t always like the two-hour time promise and the $ 200 bill at the end of the night,” he said.

Almost all of Foxy Sushi’s menus cost less than $ 10, but they don’t trade taste for cost.

“The quality of the ingredients we use is the same as the quality you get in that fine dining restaurant,” Colterman assured.

When you visit Foxy Sushi, you can enjoy a more casual atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant. You can also receive your order by car.

The owner of Foxy Sushi believes that it is the only sushi restaurant in the country with a drive-through window. The average waiting time is only 7 minutes.

We can’t reveal the secrets of speedy sushi, but it starts with preparation.

“All the dishes are fresh and made to order. Like any other dish, it takes hours to prepare,” says Colterman.

The key to delicious sushi is short grain rice.

“After cooking with a mixture of vinegar and sugar, we marinated the rice. This is just one of the most important steps in making good quality sushi,” he added.

Chef Chad Isner will teach you how to make the most popular rolls in the restaurant, including the Sweet Wasabi Blaster. Comes with cream cheese, crab and shrimp.

There are even rolls for people who hesitate to eat fish. Red Rooster is made from lettuce, chicken and red pepper.

Each 8-piece roll is paired with a different sauce.

Hope is a cheaper price and the modified menu will encourage people to try sushi.

“Although some of the menus are raw, most of the items on the menu are actually cooked,” Klosterman explained.

They even have a fox box for kids.

From Japanese artwork to bubble smoothies, sushi sensations are a hot topic.

A couple who just moved from Seattle stopped by to check.

“This is great. I saw a drive-through and its Poke Box,” said Joe Teples.

They found delicious sushi without waiting.

The range of sushi rolls is 6.99 to 11.59.Kids Fox Box starts at 7.99

The owner is about to open a second Foxy sushi place in the Midtown area.

For now, you can find them on 18101 Chicago Street daily from 11am to 8pm. For more information

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