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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — A new metro restaurant run by two cousins ​​offers customers double the options.

Sebastian’s Southern Club specializes in two dishes.

In this week’s Cheap Eats, 3 News Anchor Serese Cole will take you to a place that serves juicy seafood and appetizing soul food.

“We have a seafood boil, which means we can get crab legs and lobster tails,” said owner Niki Batin.

“There are also greens and chicken,” added owner Wayne Gunnels.

Owners and cousins ​​Burtin and Gunnels say the reason behind seafood, the combination of soul food, is simple.

“Because that’s what we want to eat. I really mean,” she laughed. “It will be together for us, and it’s both us soul food lovers, but seafood is what we’ve always liked-get some seafood.”

The top seller is seafood boil.

Kitchen manager Jay Tyson says Boyle is a small mixture of all.

He puts the noodles on the bottom of the boil. The next layer contains 8 shrimp, 8 sausages, 2 eggs, 8 halves of potatoes and 2 corns. The crab’s legs are on top and boiling is complete.

Sebastian seafood pasta is also popular. You can choose from three proteins. Contains plenty of vegetables and Cajun butter.

Tyson says there are signs that customers love it.

“I haven’t gone out to see them take the first bite, but when they put the bowl back, they’re usually pretty. That’s a good sign,” Tyson smiled.

For those who are not good at seafood, there is soul food.

Sebastian fried chicken is perfectly seasoned, the difference is that their chicken is fried in a pressure cooker.

Their chicken plates are served with double-sided and honey butter muffins.

“People love these muffins, they are crazy about these muffins,” Tyson shared.

Whether it’s seafood or soul food, owners want you to know that you are a family when you are in Sebastian.

“We want it to look like your grandma’s house, and you just don’t want to leave because you just make it comfortable,” Batin said.

“I think the food is great, but the atmosphere is good,” Gunnels added.

Sebastian’s Southern Club is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 9pm.

For weekend brunch specials, choose lobster bisque, shrimp and grits, or gumbo with dessert and cocktail for $ 15.

Located near West Road Mall in 843 North 89th St. Sebastian’s, it offers weekday lunches and happy hour specials.

To see the full menu, go to

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