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New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-16 20:00:00 –


Louisiana Oyster Task Force Meeting: 1:00 pm, St. Bernard Port Harbor & Terminal, 100 Port Boulevard, Chalmette.


Louisiana Shrimp Task Force Meeting: 10:00 am, State Wildlife and Fisheries Headquarters, 2000 Dr. Quail, Baton Rouge.


Star Banquet: Live Oak at Cedar Lodge on the Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge at 5:30 pm. CCA Louisiana event to award prizes from summer fishing events. Website:

Hunting season

Deer / Primitive Weapons: October 23-29, State Deer Area 2.

Deer / Modren Firearms: October 30-December 7, State Deer Area 2, Still Hunting Only.

Pigeons: North Zone, until November 14th. South Zone, until November 28th.

Deer / Modern Firearms: Until November 28, still hunting only, state deer areas 3, 7, 8. October 16-January. 2, state deer area 10. Only hunting yet.

Deer / Archery: Until January 15, State Deer Area 3, 7, 8, 10. Until January 31, State Deer Area 1, 2, 4. Until February 15, State Deer Area 5, 6, 9. Either-Sex take is allowed.

Rabbit / Squirrel: Until February 28th.

Around the corner

October. 24-South Louisiana High Power Club Match: 7:30 am, squad. Ascension Parish Sheriffs Range on St. Laundry Road in Gonzales at 8am within range. NRA match rifle or service rifle, 200 yards / 50 round match course. Fees are $ 12 for members, $ 15 for non-members, and $ 5 for juniors. $ 15 per year club and Civilian Marksmanship Program membership (available for purchase from CMP). Email RickMol:

October. 25-Red Stick Fly Fishing Fly Tying: 7:00 pm, Room 204, Adult Education Building, Broadmoor Methodist, 10230 Molly Lee, Baton Rouge. Website:

October. 25-28-Gulf of the Mexican Fisheries Management Council Conference: Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama. Webins are available. October 25, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Shrimp, Saba, Sustainable Fisheries Commission, 6:00 pm hearing on sugi catch, possession and size restrictions. From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on October 26, the Coral Reef Fish Commission adopted a public Q & A by electronic report. October 27, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, data collection, full council session, public comments from 2:15 pm to 5:30 pm. October 28, a full council session with final action on Sugi / Akahata restrictions. Website:

October. 27-Firearms Frenzy: From 5 to 9 pm, Bowie Outfitters 8630 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge. 25 Gandax Unlimited Tiger Chapter Raffle. Website:

Fishing / shrimp fishing

Open recreation season: Red snappers (4 new restricted all day per day), amberjack, some snapper species, and all groupers except Goliath and Nasso groupers in state / federal waters.

Note: The Lane Snapper recreation / commercial season ends on October 18th at 12:01 am in state / federal waters (restarts on January 1st).

Shrimp: The coasts and open seas of all states are open.

Holidays: Gray Mongarakawa groupers and red groupers for recreation. Recreational / commercial take of Black Fins, Queens, Silk Snappers & Wenchman. Commercial King Macarel (hook & line; gill net) in the southern Gulf of Mexico zone. Commercial capture of large coastal sharks (large coastal and group of hammerhead sharks) was closed in state and federal waters until 31 December. Blacktip shark capture remains open.

LDWF update

Wadir Wildlife Education Center, 4142 North Flannery Road, will reopen on Monday, October 16th.

The East Road section of Bayou Woksha at Sith Luthwaite WMA is closed due to bridge replacement until mid-December.

Elmers Island, Pointe aux Chenes WMA pigeon fields, and all state parks in the south-south and southeastern parishes were closed indefinitely for hurricane Ida.

All Shirburn WMA shooting ranges are open, except when Mondays are closed to continue repairs.

The launch of the US90 boat on the Middle River of the Pearl River System was closed for repairs.

Pearl River-Honey Island Shooting Range (Pearl River WMA) has been closed for repairs.

Hunter education classes have resumed. Website:

Drawdowns on the False River and Lake Henderson are underway to reduce sediment impact and improve sportsfish habitat.


Check out the Outdoors calendar for hunting season information and LDWF updates | Sports Source link Check out the Outdoors calendar for hunting season information and LDWF updates | Sports

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