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Independence, MissouriWDAF) – Missouri High School cheerleader says the athletic club has restricted her participation due to wheelchairs.

Her family said she was prevented from joining Truman High School’s cheerleader in the field because of fear that her chair might hurt the lawn.

At the Picnic Pavilion in Santa Fe Park on Monday, grass leaves and bunches of clover bounced off wheels operated by 18-year-old Lacy Kipper, who is now in her second year with the Patriot cheering squad.

“Most of the time, I was the only one in a wheelchair at school, so it was definitely very difficult to find a place where I felt involved,” Kiper said.

Kipper was born with osteogenesis imperfecta type 5, so her bones break very easily.

“I broke both of these arms and the bones weren’t properly placed, so when new bones began to grow here, it just fused them where they were placed,” she said. He showed the bending of his forearm and said.

Her dad, Charles Kipper, says she was very protected until two years ago,

“And she said,’I want to be a cheerleader.’ I told the school to put her on the mat if they wanted. If they wanted, I would do it for every game. I’m there. I’m sure she has someone to help her in some way to be part of this team, and they turned me down for almost everything, “Charles said.・ Kipper said.

It’s a tendency to say that Kippers intensified this year’s grade. Lacy said she was mostly ignored or made to feel distracted. And recently, she said, the field was used as an inference to separate her.

“I think they didn’t want my wheels to be too heavy and hurt a bit of the turf and I would get caught in it,” said Lacy Kipper.

“But even in the basketball gym, they said no, and I was like,” It’s the floor I always go to, “she said.

“I performed all the surgery and provided them with notes of three doctors from her lifelong orthopedist who have known her since she was two months old, and they are still I’m saying no, “said Charles Kipper.

The family is frustrated.

“Especially,” Hey, do you think you can? “Or” Hey, this comes out in advance-no one else knows yet, but we know you about how you can participate. I want to know what you think, “said Lacy Kipper.

“I want to incorporate my ideas,” she said.

The Independence School District said it was ready to discuss the case, but first, Lacy’s dad needs to sign some privacy releases. Until now, Lacy’s dad refused to do so. He says he is afraid to give up many of his daughter’s rights.

The Independence School District has issued the following statement:

“A local newspaper recently published an editorial of opinion with serious inaccuracies.”

“The school district cannot substantially address such inaccuracies without consenting to the disclosure of student records by parents. In this regard, parents will allow the district to respond. Because of this, we chose not to sign the releases of HIPAA and FERPA. ”

“Without these releases, the district has a limited range of discussions. The Independence School District is virtually unable to respond to editorials, but the District is involved in our activities. We take the safety of everyone seriously and continue to work to ensure that our programs and activities are comprehensive and safe and welcome everyone. Students. “

Cheerleader says she’s been sidelined by high school because of her wheelchair Source link Cheerleader says she’s been sidelined by high school because of her wheelchair

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