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Chef’s Brigade Wins Ella Brennan ‘Stand Up for Your Hometown’ Award – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-15 12:31:04 –

New Orleans (Press Release) – When Troy Gilbert and Robert Peyton founded Chef’s Brigade at the beginning of a pandemic, their idea was to take advantage of struggling restaurants to provide first responders with a warm, healthy and delicious meal. It was to provide. Brigade members initially provided food to first responders through grants from the New Orleans Police and the Judiciary Foundation. This allowed about 15 restaurants to prepare their meals. However, the situation changed rapidly after the chef’s brigade became part of the New Orleans COVID meal program.

When the food program ends later this month, the brigade, which is now a coalition of more than 80 local restaurants, will provide approximately 3.3 million meals to more than 24,000 New Orleans. A recent analysis of the program helped support approximately 530 direct and 129 indirect and induced jobs in the restaurant industry, with Orleans parish tax revenues of approximately $ 1.1 million. At the recent New Orleans Food and Wine Experience, Gilbert and Peyton won the Ela Brennan “Stand Up for Your Hometown” award.

“We don’t know of any other American city that has taken this approach to feed people during a pandemic,” says Gilbert. “Mayor Cantrell and her team have the opportunity to support local restaurants and serve delicious New Orleans dishes to people in need, such as red beans and rice, dark Cajun fish, Louisiana catfish creole, chicken and etufes. saw.”

The chef’s brigade did not appear to be eligible when New Orleans first issued a request for proposal (RFP). The RFP requires the applicant to bear the costs for a later refund (FEMA covers 75% of the refund and 25% is from the city of New Orleans), a small non-profit organization, Chef’s Brigade. Was excluded from the competition. However, another applicant, Revolution Foods, who can handle the redemption schedule, is approaching Chef’s Brigade. The combined application was successful and Chef’s Brigade / Revolution Foods began serving food to people in need in late June 2020.

Chef’s brigade Organized and stored by the New Orleans Culinary Hospitality Institute (NOCHI), packaged by Revolution Foods, and producing meals served by d’livery NOLA.

The diet program will end this month as vaccination has significantly reduced morbidity and mortality, but Gilbert says the chef’s brigade will continue after a short break.

“We have built an agile, scalable and powerful mechanism for mass-producing nutritious New Orleans comfort food for those in need. At the same time, restaurants, vendors, or independent chefs. . ”

Chef’s Brigade Wins Ella Brennan ‘Stand Up for Your Hometown’ Award Source link Chef’s Brigade Wins Ella Brennan ‘Stand Up for Your Hometown’ Award

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