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Nick Carls, the lead-off hitter for Chesapeake-AA, hit the plate in the third inning, aiming for a spark on bases loaded.

Carls, one of the Cougars’ six seniors, did just that, ripping the ground ball a second and recording a run that was too difficult for Towson to handle. Owen Schmidt and Brendan Phillips continued their sacrifice fly to maintain their momentum, giving Chesapeak a two-run advantage.

From there, Cougars continued to build leads, beating Towson 5-1 to win a Class 3A state title. This is the title of Chesapeake’s third state and the first time since 2014, as the Cougars prospered under coach Jeff Young in the first year.

“They never stopped,” Young said. “No matter what I ask them to do, they do. They are really focused. Chesapeake is always known for pitching and defense and wins low-scoring games. We Speaked, and we were saying that a great team would do it. To do great things, whatever it is, you have to be able to win 10-8 or 12-11. Hmm. You have to be built to do that. They adapted and kept fighting for it, whatever it was. “

Faced with Towson’s Chase Spensky, one of the best pitchers in the Baltimore region, Cougars wasn’t staged. Supensky entered on Saturday night with 53 1/3 innings and 0.39 ERAs with 66 strikeouts.

However, after dropping to 1-2-3 in the first two innings, Chesapeake adjusted. Senior Kyle Hixson started three rallies by ripping a double from the left wing wall. In the final five innings, Cougars (19-3-1) scored eight hits, paying the general for his mistakes.

“At first, we were trying to jump at him early or be patient,” Hixson said. “He’s a great pitcher. He hit his spot, out of balance with the pitch, and we were trying to jump fast. Once we started jumping fast and gained momentum, it was all exciting and flowing to each other. I continued. “

Varsity highlights

Varsity highlights


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Cougar bats got stronger with each inning, but Karl got more dial-ins on the mound. After allowing the run in the first inning, the senior closed the general’s door for most of the rest of the road. He threw an efficient 62/3 inning, hit a 6, and the Cougars defense worked well behind him.

“I was a little nervous,” Carls said. “There are a lot of people in the community, a lot of people I know. As a pitcher, I just calmed down and tried to do my own thing. If I let them start my game, They couldn’t do anything. I threw a lot of fastballs today. They had a hard time moving the barrel so I tried to command the fastballs and hit the zone. Once they started timing , I just flick the curve ball and it spoils the timing. “

The first Tariq Tally double was the main offensive highlight of General (15-3), who had a hard time mounting consecutive hits against Karl. When Towson was able to put the runner in the base, there were often two outs, as Karl and Cougar’s strong defenses often closed the door.

Cougars were able to stitch the hits together while the general struggled to ignite the rally. Carter Drab rips the base with a hit in the middle, insures Cougars more on the fifth and then challenges another run on the seventh.

They all formed a pile of dogs near the mound after Cougars closed the door in an attempt to make a comeback for the general. There was a mini basketball hoop to accompany the celebration when Cougars captured their ultimate goal and jumped into the air.

“It was very nervous, but it was a lot of fun,” Hixson said. “Everything about it will be remembered forever, and then the end result was what I had dreamed of for years, and it finally happened.”

“It’s a dream for every kid. Only four teams in the state get this,” Carls said. “I’m very happy and very excited. I’m happy with the young coach. I’ve known him for a long time and haven’t done it since 2014, so I’m happy to everyone around here. To Pasadena I’m happy to be able to take it home. “

Chesapeake baseball wins first Class 3A state title since 2014, defeating Towson, 5-1 – Baltimore Sun Source link Chesapeake baseball wins first Class 3A state title since 2014, defeating Towson, 5-1 – Baltimore Sun

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