Chevrolet Bolt fire correction is said to have been completed

Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors’ superstar EV, has evolved from an optimistic view of the company’s ambitious electrification strategy to a relatively short-term public relations nightmare. Hatchback (and EUV) sales actually surged in the second quarter of 2021, but shoppers are beginning to notice fire reports, largely due to production declines from the same period in 2020. .. Subsequent long-term recall campaign..

Another chapter has been added to the story, and GM is confident that this will be the conclusion of the disappointing story. On Monday, manufacturers announced that bolt batteries have resumed production.But they won’t come out Korean facility owned by LG Chem This is claimed as Ground Zero for related defects. GM chose to procure units from Michigan instead, but LG hopes automakers will look over their shoulders to improve quality assurance and someday customers will be able to use their cars normally. doing. Sadly, that moment still looks a few months away.

“We appreciate the patience of our owners and dealers to drive this recall solution,” said Doug Parks, GM Executive Vice President of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. “Resuming production of battery modules is the first step and we will actively work with LG to obtain additional battery supplies. In addition, new advanced diagnostic software will make our customers more convenient. We are optimistic about providing it. “

Software updates are often a dead end in recall campaigns and often feel like a mere way for automakers to buy time before they start replacing physical components. GM has already issued some for fire-prone bolts, and this new bolt seems to be no different than its predecessor, which focused on monitoring thermal runaway. However, it is more comprehensive and is supposed to “detect certain anomalies that may indicate damage to the Bolt EV and EUV batteries.”

When installing a vehicle, the customer must take the vehicle back to the dealership. Meanwhile, “further diagnostic software” is used to allow the owner to recharge the vehicle as usual. Manufacturers now limit their charging status to prevent them from running out of less than 70 miles and not leaving or parking near anything that could be caught in a sudden fire. Recommended. However, the service center is not ready to start the installation process for another 60 days.

Battery availability can be even greater, depending on when the vehicle was assembled. GM wants to prioritize battery replacement for bolts that are “manufactured in a specific build time frame where battery defects appear to be clustered” and notify their customers earlier than anyone else. It is said to have a process.Few people would be interested in waiting to see if their car ignites next, but the new unit NS It comes with a limited warranty of 8 years / 100,000 miles and is not manufactured in Korea.

From GM:

LG Battery Plants in Hazel Park, Michigan, The Netherlands have resumed production. In addition, LG is adding the ability to offer more cells to GM. As a result, replacement battery modules will begin shipping to dealers in mid-October.

The root cause of the rare situations that can cause a battery fire are two manufacturing defects known as anode tears and separator folding, both of which must be in the same battery cell.

LG is confident in its battery progress by implementing a new manufacturing process and working with GM to review and enhance its quality assurance program. LG will begin these new processes at other facilities that will provide cells to GM in the future.

Many of this sounds familiar, but a little pessimistic. However, fires are less common and can be called a complete disaster. General Motors got much worse during the ignition switch recall and was forced to take responsibility for the deaths of 124 people. However, Bolt’s situation casts doubt on the overall premise of EVs, as the fire usually broke out overnight while the vehicle was charging in people’s homes. This will have protracted results across brands and alternative energy vehicles.

But there is a silver lining. Manufacturers can advertise future Ultium batteries (manufactured by LG Chem) as having no history of spontaneous combustion, as current batteries have been hit by the media.

[Images: General Motors]

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Chevrolet Bolt fire correction is said to have been completed

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