Chevrolet Camaro replaced by an electric muscle sedan

Chevrolet Camaro May be replaced By an electric sedan with the same Monica in 2024.

Use the anger from traditionalists who insist that even the electric Camaro should be a coupe / convertible rather than a sedan.

Your author shares that feeling. It’s sad that the pony car moves away from the muscular and rumbling V8, but not so sad given that the EV can be very powerful. But slamming the Camaro’s name on the sedan, even if good, seems like a sacrifice. Would you like to revive the SS name?

Of course, this is all speculative, Future product details from Automotive News (Sub-request). It’s possible that the car doesn’t have a Camaro name, so you may need to save the angry tweet you were trying to send to @ Chevrolet / GM in your Drafts folder.

The product plan is exactly that, and the plan is constantly discarded or changed. who knows? Maybe Chevy will either hybridize the Camaro instead or offer an ICE / hybrid / EV version. Maybe the sedan will come back as SS and the Camaro will either remain ICE or leave.

To make matters worse, the current Camaro is being ignored and sales are declining.

GM’s future, like most automakers’ future, involves some degree of electrification. Therefore, the report on “muscle” sedans with EV powertrains is not surprising. But if it had a Camaro name, it would be amazing.

[Image: Chevrolet]

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Chevrolet Camaro replaced by an electric muscle sedan

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