Chevy Express and GMC Savanna are reported to be discontinued in 2025

Oldest Commercial van According to, there may be only a few years left on the market Report from Autoweek.. The press quoted “competitive sources of analysis” Chevrolet Express When GMC Savannah commercial vans will be discontinued after the 2025 model.Then they will be replaced with new ones Electric vanProbably based on the Ultium platform, 2026 model.

Contacted GM For comment, and this is the official statement sent to us:

“In the past, we said we would add two as part of GM’s larger EV acceleration program. New car In our commercial portfolio. The first is full size battery Electrical Cargo van The second is medium size truck This will inject both Ultium and Hydrotec hydrogen. Fuel cell Technology that works. Articles reporting more are purely speculative, as they do not disclose timing or names or share other details. “

The GM van is very old and was introduced in the 1996 model. Since then, they haven’t changed much and have received some modifications and updated drivetrains over the years. And with GM’s electrification plan, it’s no surprise that these vans are leaving.

However, there is disagreement about the reported exchange timeline. Future electric vans will overlap with older vans for at least a year.There is a reason many Of these vans on the road, and there are many A piece of equipment that fits them. For box vans, buses, etc. Limited express And savanna. If you’re a fleet investing in these components, you may not be ready to move to a brand new platform. Therefore, GM will probably want to give fleet buyers a last chance to replace their old vans before fully committing to the new electric van platform.

It is also interesting to see what kind of market GM’s electric vans will enter. Ford already has an electric transit Along the way, Stellantis will be released Next year’s RamProMaster electric van.. Both of them are based on existing gas-powered vans.And the GM itself is already Delivered the first large BrightDrop EV600 electric van To FedEx. The upcoming GM van is probably a new platform and may offer performance and range benefits, Ford The Stellantis van has the advantage of being compatible with equipment for gas variants. It also assumes that the two brands will not launch a new version at about the same time as the GM van.

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Chevy Express and GMC Savanna are reported to be discontinued in 2025

Source link Chevy Express and GMC Savanna are reported to be discontinued in 2025

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