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Cheyenne Mountain wins 4A boys state lacrosse title – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-23 00:45:04 –

Colorado Springs — The Cheyenne Mountain boy lacrosse team overcame a two-goal deficit with about five minutes remaining to win the 4A State Championship at Evergreen.

Kevin Daddy scored a game tie goal 4-3, and with 48 seconds remaining, the team scored the first goal of Cheyenne Mountain, who won 5-4. Second grade dad is playing in the first year of high school lacrosse because last season was canceled due to COVID.

“Every time you shoot, you think about it in your backyard,” Papa said about the goal of winning the game. “It looks like the game is in progress, you’re going to score, and it just came to me, and I scored … I was just happy. I wasn’t even thinking. Just celebrating and finding all the boys. “

“This is a crazy game,” said Cheyenne Mountain Head coach Mike Page. “At some point early in the season, there was a three-goal deficit against Erie, and the team was tenacious and willing to overcome. They knew it could come to the very end. , And that’s what they did, and they won. They played astoundingly. We made some changes, and those changes paid dividends.

Cheyenne Mountain finished the season 12-1.

Cheyenne Mountain wins 4A boys state lacrosse title Source link Cheyenne Mountain wins 4A boys state lacrosse title

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