Chicago announces new foot chase policy following deadly police shooting

Chicago- The Chicago Police Department announced on Wednesday a new foot-tracking policy that officials prioritize the safety of officers and the general public. The new policy is Pursuit of feet It ended with a deadly shooting by police earlier this year Adam Toledo, 13, and Anthony Alvarez,twenty one.

In its rules, a new policy prohibits foot tracking for minor traffic violations and prohibits police officers from leaving their partners if the person being tracked is invisible or injured. I am. The new policy is for police officers to lose sight of their location and surroundings, if the distance or obstacles between the police officer and the person being tracked are too large, and if the police officer is the subject of conflict tracking.

In addition, police officers should first consider whether the need to arrest a suspect deserves a risk to the police officer, the general public, or the subject before foot tracking takes place. The policy also states that police officers can track a person on foot only if there is a possible cause for the person to commit the crime or if they believe they are committing the crime.

Police officers need to activate the camera they wear each time they track their feet.

Coach David Brown said the officer used the strategy during foot tracking, but if the strategy was a written policy, the officer would be subject to disciplinary action if violated. The new policy will take effect temporarily on June 11th. The general public has the opportunity to provide feedback before it becomes permanent in September.

“It is imperative that the voices of our executives and community members be expressed in policies that can have a direct impact on them,” Brown said. “As we transform the police through reform, we will continue to work with the population to make Chicago safer for everyone.”

Chicago police shooting
Demonstrators continue to solidarity during a protest by the 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez monument shot by police in Chicago’s Portage Park district on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

Shafkat Anowar / AP

The announcement of the new policy was approved by a judge four years after the Justice Department reported that too many Chicago Police Departments did not need to be tracked or that police officers shot and killed those who did not. The department that adopts the foot tracking policy, which will take place two years later.

The week after the deadly shootings of Toledo on March 29th and Alvarez on March 31st, the video show was just before holding a pistol or when a policeman shot a gun, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the department by summer. Announced that it will implement a foot tracking policy.

“Foot tracking is one of the most dangerous actions police officers can take, so we can’t afford to wait any longer to develop a policy to regulate police officers,” Wrightfoot said in a statement. Said.

Police officers say police officers will be trained to become accustomed to the new policy. The training focuses on the responsibilities of the tracking officer, including the considerations that the officer must consider before initiating the tracking and what to do during the tracking.

Chicago announces new foot chase policy following deadly police shooting

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