Chicago PD Apton Avoids Halstead After A Troublesome Night: Video

Haley Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) And Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) Is a couple Chicago PD, Things are getting complicated. He tells her she loves her, as revealed in the trailer of the episode on Wednesday, April 7th — and she doesn’t say it back.

At Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peak, Upton rushes into the bathroom and splashes water on her face while Jay brews coffee. When she looks in the mirror, she seems to come up with a way to duck out.

“I forgot to bring my car. Just talk to them and they can still take me,” she tells him when she enters the kitchen. “So I’m going before they get busy.”

Tracy Spiridakos as Haley Upton of Chicago PD and Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead Lori Allen / NBC

Jay obviously doesn’t buy it and asks her “really?” She then explains that it is her only holiday. He tries to talk to her, but the moment he says “Haley,” she cuts him off.

“I feel I should get it done, but everything is fine. Well, I’m sorry. I’ll be back soon,” she grabs the coat and says to the door. “Why don’t you hang out here and come back a little?”

The two who finally got together at the beginning of the season seem to be at the turning point of love.

“There will be a sort of struggle for Halstead and Upton about what it means to be both romantic and police,” said 36-year-old Sofa. We Only last month. “Do we see policing the same way? And how do we take work home with us, what that means, and whether they can handle it? I know. “

He added that there are “too many questions” about proper crackdowns — and that’s the conversation that Upton and Halstead have to move forward. “We’ll look at what somebody’s moral or ethical norms are, and how they choose to be police officers-how they affect relationships,” he shares. Did.

They’ve been seamlessly balancing home and work life, but that’s about to change, Spiridacos said. Please give me a remote Before the episode.

“Haley hasn’t responded well to the vulnerability and loves Jay, but after he said, it spirals her and can’t distinguish between an individual and a job.” Bates motel Alum, 33, said. “She throws herself into the case and avoids him as much as possible. What could go wrong?”

Chicago PD It will be broadcast on Wednesday at 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Chicago PD Apton Avoids Halstead After A Troublesome Night: Video

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