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The child is dead after abuse so much that two-year-old Fallongant’s parents want a former babysitter to “corrupt in hell.”

Before Fallon died, her caregiver reportedly googled “what types of people enjoy abusing other people’s children.” Now parents are talking about a warning about who you hire as a babysitter.

“I’m sure it’ll be okay someday,” said Cameron Gantt. “I know it gets easier over time. As you know, it just looks worse. You know it doesn’t look better. I am. “

To date, Christine and Camerongant do not know why this happened. The babysitters they trusted were their daughter’s own trick-or-treat and are now considered murderers.

On December 9, 2020, 29-year-old Christie Flood wept at Gantz and said a small Fallon had fallen into the playground during care. Gantz desperately wanted this to be an accident, so Fallon’s mother, Christine, rushed to the hospital.

Police searched babysitters’ cell phones and Google searched for “what type of person enjoys abusing other people’s children?”

Justice for Fallon has become a hashtag that is widespread on social media. Whether it’s a car magnet or a face mask, Gantz has a new mission. It is to prevent child abuse.

The Gantt family has trusted sitters and friends for five years, but now they want others to know who to leave their child with when you are away.

Experts say they always do background checks to make sure the caregiver has a lot of positive mentions and that the babysitter or nanny is worth seeing the baby.

Flood and her boyfriend Jeffrey Myers were both charged with Fallon’s murder. Neither has entered a petition for the allegations they are facing.

Initially, the flood claimed that the toddler hit his head on the slide in the playground, but police claimed that her serious injury was inflicted on her by the flood.

The flood was charged with two felony murders, one malicious murder, one deteriorating battery, and one atrocities against a child.

Myers is expected to be prosecuted for two felony charges of individual atrocities against children and murders.

Child dead after alleged abuse by trusted babysitter, family friend | News Source link Child dead after alleged abuse by trusted babysitter, family friend | News

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