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Fresno, California (KFSN)-In the case of Tamika Tatam-Education is done in the family.

“I actually come from an educator’s family,” she said. “My mother and father are teachers. It was a kind of attraction for me to get an education.”

Tatum is a first-year teacher at Thomas Elementary and currently has 16 small learners.

“I think the best part of teaching is to see the children grow up every year,” she said. “Every year we have a new group of students. They already have such great things. It’s always great to see how they grow.”

Born and raised in the Valley, she spent her time as a student at Fresno Unified and Fresno State University, arousing her interest in education.

“Every year, children, they only touch my heart every year, how they smile, their good morning, how your day was,” she said.

Tatam, who worked for Fresno Unified for nine years, was one of the first teachers of A-4, also known as African-American Academic Acceleration. She helped bring the program to Thomas Elementary School.

“I didn’t have an African-American teacher who grew up through elementary school,” she said. “Maybe I wasn’t in college, so having the opportunity to work with a student who looked like me was a great opportunity to be part of them.”

When the time came, she quickly turned to distance learning and found a way to effectively direct the youngest student of Fresno Unified.

“She not only took it, but when she entered there, she could see her camera and think she was doing a live podcast every day,” says Matthew Fanco, principal of Thomas Elementary School. “She is the person who comes with the solution, not the problem. If a problem arises, it comes with the solution.”

Now back in the classroom, she is determined to make up for her lost learning.

Tatum received national board accreditation in 2019 to better serve its students.

“For me, it’s not just their letters and readings,” she said. “I really want them to grow up to be great people and grow up to give back to their community.”

“That’s what Tatam is good at, the art of education,” said Fanco. “When you look at it, you don’t know how it happens. It just does.”

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Children First: Fresno Unified teacher taking learning to the next level Source link Children First: Fresno Unified teacher taking learning to the next level

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