China blames G7 statement in favor of Taiwan and blames Beijing

Video Source: YouTube, Bloomberg Politics

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China expressed its support for Taiwan on Thursday, condemning a joint statement by the G7 foreign minister who threw Beijing as a bully, saying it was a serious interference with China’s internal affairs.

The G7’s foreign minister said in a communiqué after the London summit that China was guilty of human rights abuses and the use of “compulsory economic policies” and that the G7 would make collective efforts to prevent it.

In a rare step, the G7 also said it would support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization forums and the World Health Assembly, expressing concern about “one-sided actions that could increase tensions” in the Taiwan Strait.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr. Wentan, said in Beijing that he had made “unfounded accusations” that had seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs.

“This is an unnecessary destruction of the norms of international affairs,” he said.

He added that the G7 as a group should take concrete actions to promote the recovery of the global economy rather than disrupt it.

The king also attacked the G7 nations for storing the COVID-19 vaccine and taking a “smart” stance in helping other nations.

“They should not criticize or interfere with other countries in a strong manner and should not undermine the current top priority of international pandemic cooperation,” he said.

China considers Taiwan its territory and opposes Taiwan’s official representative at the international level. China has also stepped up its military operations near Taiwan in recent months in an attempt to claim sovereignty.

The G7 statement was warmly accepted in Taipei, and the government said it was the first time the foreign minister had mentioned the island in a joint communiqué.

The presidential palace of Taiwan thanked the G7 for its support.

“Taiwan will continue to work with G7 member states to provide the greatest positive power for world health and people’s well-being, as well as for peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region,” said a spokesman. Said. Xavier Chan.

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Source: Reuters, Bloomberg politics

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