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Riverside, California 2021-12-04 07:52:11 –

President Biden invited about 110 governments to a two-day virtual “Democracy Summit” starting Thursday. Neither China nor Russia have been invited.

The Chinese Communist Party put American democracy on duty on Saturday, sharply criticizing President Joe Biden’s global democracy summit next week and praising the strengths of its governing system.

Party officials questioned how a polarized country that failed to respond to COVID-19 could lecture to others, and efforts to make others imitate the Western democracy model. “I’m destined to fail,” he said.

The tough rhetoric reflects the heightened conflict of values ​​that is in the limelight as China emerges as a global power. The question is whether the United States and other major democracies can coexist peacefully with powerful authoritarian nations that act in opposition to the Western model that won at the end of the Cold War.

Tian Payyan, deputy director of the Communist Party’s policy lab, said the pandemic exposed flaws in the American system. He blamed the high death toll from COVID-19 in the United States for political conflict and the division of government from the highest to the lowest.

“Such democracy brings disaster to voters, not happiness,” he released a government report at a press conference about what the Communist Party calls a form of democracy under the control of the party.

Neither China nor Russia are among the approximately 110 governments invited to Biden’s two-day virtual “Democracy Summit,” which began Thursday and works to strengthen democracy, authoritarianism, corruption, and defend against human rights.

The participation of Taiwan, an autonomous democracy that says China should be under its control, made Beijing even more angry.

Despite the de facto summit between Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping last month, US-China relations remain tense. The President of the United States has repeatedly assembled differences from China in his broader call to the United States and its allies to show that democracy can provide humanity with a better path to progress than dictatorship. ..

The Communist Party has ruled China on its own since 1949. Although various views are reflected in advisory bodies and elected village and residents’ committees, most public criticisms are silenced by censorship and sometimes arrested.

The party argues that strong central leadership is needed to maintain the stability of a vast country that has been devastated by divisions and wars for centuries.

“In such a big country with 56 ethnic groups and more than 1.4 billion people, without party leadership … and we support so-called Western democracy. We work the opposite way.” Stated.

China has been accused of mass imprisonment, torture and other human rights abuses as it enforces control over ethnic communities in the remote western regions of Tibet and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The party has rejected the accusations and states that it has eradicated the radical and separatist movements.

Recent difficulties faced by some Western democracy have increased confidence in their system as Communist leaders are trying to make China a global power. State media often cite the turmoil in the US Capitol after the last presidential election. “Today’s world faces the challenge of excessive democracy,” a report published on Saturday said.

Chinese officials often accuse the United States and others of using democracy as a cover to curb the rise of China. The accusation echoed at a press conference by Deputy Minister Xu Lin of the Party’s Public Relations Department.

“The United States calls itself a’democratic leader’and organizes and runs the so-called Summit for Democracy,” he said. “In fact, it cracks down on and interferes with countries with different social systems and development models in the name of democracy.”

Mr. Xu said that it is undemocratic for others to demand their form of democracy, and that they themselves have various achievements.

“Their domestic rule is messed up, but they point to and criticize other democracy,” he said. “Is this the democracy they advertised?”

Aamer Madhani, an Associated Press author from Washington, DC, contributed to this report.

China communists push back on US democracy ahead of Biden summit Source link China communists push back on US democracy ahead of Biden summit

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