China orders mass inspection of Wuhan, Beijing limits as Covid Delta spreads

Residents of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, are lining up to undergo a Covid-19 nucleic acid test on August 3, 2021.

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China faces resurrection pockets in major cities from Beijing NS Wuhan, And authorities impose mass testing and extensive travel restrictions in some areas.

Daily Covid-19 cases are increasing again as delta variants spread nationwide.

The National Health Commission of China announced on Wednesday that it had confirmed 96 Covid cases. This is a report of more than 90 cases for 3 consecutive days. Of the newly identified cases, 71 were locally infected, the Health Commission said.

Economists are concerned that strict crackdowns on government movements could have a negative impact on the economy. The only major economy that grew last year..

“China has previously shown that it is prepared to take harsh action to control Covid,” said Robert Kernel, head of Asia-Pacific research at Dutch bank ING. No, “he said. Wednesday notes.

“The already enforced restrictions on movement and movement can have desirable consequences, but the delta variant is a particularly slippery little creature, and our concern is that many others, It’s how fast this happens. What financial costs did it cost in the meantime? “

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When Covid-19 first appeared in the country in late 2019, authorities used strict blockades and mass inspections to curb national outbreaks.

Since then, Chinese authorities have cracked down on the recurrence of Covid infections. With the latest dissemination of the more contagious Covid Delta variant, authorities have once again stepped up containment measures across the country.

National media Xinhua News Agency reported Authorities restricted travel, urged people to avoid rallies, and suspended some plane, train, and coach services.

Beijing’s capital has imposed strict access restrictions on Sunday and is said to be in a “crisis stage” of epidemic control after the number of incidents increased in late July for the first time in months, Xinhua reported.

Wuhan, where the coronavirus first appeared, will test all residents for new cases of Covid, the news agency said.

According to the Wuhan City Health Committee, as of July 20, Wuhan has received more than 17 million corona vaccines, and the vaccination rate for people aged 18 and over has reached 77.63%.

“Slow patch” of the Chinese economy

China’s economic recovery is uneven, with export-oriented sectors driving most of its growth, while domestic consumption recovery is lagging.

The resurgence of the Covid-19 infection and the latest containment measures will delay the recovery of China’s household spending, said Sian Fenner, Asia’s chief economist at consultancy Oxford Economics.

“The geographical spread of Delta variants will be relevant to Chinese authorities. We have already seen that they have very low tolerance, even to relatively small flare-ups,” she told CNBC. Told. “Scooke Box Asia” on Wednesday.

“I was hoping that the rise in vaccination rates would actually improve that service consumption, but there is another kind of slow patch in the future … it seems that the recovery of household spending has been delayed.” She added.

Fenner said it has so far maintained China’s full-year growth forecast of 8.4%. This is slightly above the 8.1% growth expected by the International Monetary Fund in China.

— CNBC’s Weizhen Tan contributed to this report.

China orders mass inspection of Wuhan, Beijing limits as Covid Delta spreads

Source link China orders mass inspection of Wuhan, Beijing limits as Covid Delta spreads

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