China says Asia needs more work than submarines in fresh Aukus salvo

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China said in its latest salvo from Beijing after the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom announced a new trilateral security partnership, the Asia-Pacific region needs economic growth and employment, not gunpowder or submarines. ..

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, spoke in Beijing on Wednesday, urging Aux members to overturn their decision and “fulfill their international nuclear non-proliferation obligations.”

NS Aukus Agreement, And related deals to help Australia build nuclear submarines, boosting Australia’s power across the Western Pacific, Come as a response To the threat posed by China’s expanding military footprint.

“In the face of the common challenge of fighting pandemics and economic recovery, people in the Asia-Pacific region need growth and employment, not submarines or gunpowder, in the first official comment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the Mid-Autumn Festival. There is, “Zhao said. This week’s holiday.

The deal with Aukus has prompted Western security analysts to prepare for a tougher response from China. Beijing has confused many experts by creating some overtures that appear to embrace multilateralism on trade and climate change.

Less than 24 hours after Aukus was announced, Beijing formally applied for participation in a comprehensive and progressive agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Surprise move Embarrassed many trade professionals That is because it could give diplomatic leverage to Australia and Canada, which saw China fall to historically low levels. All CPTPP members have the right to veto new members.

Chinese President Xi Jinping End Chinese funding The number of new coal-fired power plants abroad in the environmentalist victory following years of international lobbying.

Xi’s comments at the opening ceremony of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday ease concerns that tensions between China and the United States could upset cooperation in combating the global threat of climate change. It was useful for.

These concerns are COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference Held in Glasgow in November, this environmentalist believes it is important to set more ambitious goals for reducing carbon emissions.

Lee Shu, an energy policy officer at Greenpeace, a campaign group, said Beijing needs to focus its attention. Transition to cleaner energy in China..

“Reducing coal addiction at home is an urgent need. Sending a more definitive signal with leads up to Cop 2026 to ensure that China’s emissions peak before 2025. We need to, “says Li.

Additional report by Xinning Liu in Beijing

China says Asia needs more work than submarines in fresh Aukus salvo

Source link China says Asia needs more work than submarines in fresh Aukus salvo

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