China’s crackdown hangs Hong Kong’s last democratic newspaper, Apple Daily, in a thread

Hong Kong — By the end of this week, those who run Hong Kong’s last democratization newspaper, Apple Daily, will know if they will have to shut down after 26 years.last week Paper office was attacked About 200 Hong Kong police officers left a box full of five executives and equipment.

Apple Daily runs out of cash as the government freezes $ 2.3 million in assets Reported Its own potential end late Monday after the board of directors of its parent company, Next Digital, met to develop a strategy for the future.

According to the newspaper, the board sent a letter to the Hong Kong Security Agency requesting that assets be unfrozen to pay salaries for about 1,300 employees by the end of this month. If rejected, Apple Daily said it could stop updating the website on Saturday morning.

It was founded on June 20, 1995 by the media mogul, a millionaire who is currently imprisoned. Jimmy Lai, Apple Daily celebrated its 26th anniversary only last Sunday. For decades, both the paper and its owners have become relentless critics of China’s ruling Communist Party and Hong Kong’s Pro-Beijing authorities.

With its hard-liberal, lean, sensational headlines and paparazzi-style photography, Apple Daily has grown into a very popular tabloid. It enthusiastically supported the currently restrained democratization movement in Hong Kong and regularly condemned the political establishment of the semi-autonomous region of China.

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If Apple Daily goes bankrupt, it will cause despair for many of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million citizens. Many participated in large-scale anti-government protests in 2019.

But it will be a celebration for high-ranking government officials in the city and Beijing — overwhelming the Crusades that started last year and using a lot of new things to target liberal papers.Criticized “National Security” Act Promulgated by Beijing last summer.

In August 2020, Hong Kong police arrested Jimmy Lai under a new law. According to court documents, he was charged with fraud and collusion with foreign troops “to impose sanctions or lockdowns on the Hong Kong SAR or the People’s Republic of China, or to engage in other hostile activities.”

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Lai, 72, was also charged with other crimes, including attending an unauthorized rally during the city-shaking movement against democratization in 2019.

He was able to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Last week, Hong Kong police also arrested Apple Daily editor-in-chief Ryan Lo and four executives. They have all been accused of similar crimes, many of which are related to the publication of more than 30 articles seeking international sanctions against China.

At a court hearing on Saturday, the Supreme Court denied the law and CEO Cheung Kim-hung on bail, arguing that there was little reason for the court to “believe that defendants would not continue to endanger national security.” ..

On Monday, Rye’s longtime adviser Mark Simon told Reuters in a telephone interview from the United States that his newspaper boss wanted the press to stay running at least until the end of the month.

But he said in an Apple Daily bank account frozen by Beijing, “It’s getting harder and harder. It’s essentially a few days.”

China’s crackdown hangs Hong Kong’s last democratic newspaper, Apple Daily, in a thread

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