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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-23 15:07:27 –

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(NEXSTAR) – Get it before you run out of brisket. Chipotle pepper fan.

Restaurant chain new brisket protein option, Debuted just a month ago In late September, CEO Brian Niccol said it will be removed from the Chipotle menu after November. Third quarter financial results announcement this week.

“Our culinary team has developed the perfect smoked brisket recipe that is unique to our brand and perfectly blends with fresh, authentic ingredients over the last two years,” Nicol said Thursday, with one option. I confirmed that it will not be available after a little over a month. time.

“Early customer feedback on this entree, which is expected to last until November, is very positive and we are pleased to see an increase in both check size and transactions.”

The Chipotle Brisket option was always intended as a limited time offer. However, unlike the chain’s limited-time Carne asada option introduced last year, Brisket only appears in the partial quarterly menu, not the full quarter.

Nicole later stated that this was unintentional, suggesting a supply problem.

“We’ll probably finish a little shorter than originally planned, but that’s a direct result of great consumer response and great execution by our operators,” Nicole said.

“We’re guessing we’ll probably brisket again at some point in the future,” he added.

Chipotle CEO Brian Nicol, when discussing early removal from Brisket’s menu, said it was “a direct result of great consumer response and great operator execution,” suggesting a supply issue. (Brandon Bell / Getty Images)

Chipotle reported record quarterly sales in this week’s earnings announcement, with total third-quarter sales up 21.9% from the third quarter of 2020 to $ 2 Press release Published Thursday, Chipotle partially acknowledged an increase in “strong recovery in in-restaurant sales” and “customer positive appreciation for new menu items.”

According to Nikkol, the brand plans to introduce “exciting menu items” in the near future. Plant-derived chorizo This has already been tested in some markets.

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