Chobani debuts cold brew coffee drink beyond yogurt

Chobani’s four new coffee drinks


In 2019, Chobani began its expansion into oat milk and coffee creamers as it sought to extend its reputation beyond Greek specialty yogurt.

In 2021, another bold category entry, coffee, will begin.

Beginning in January, Chobani customers will be able to purchase ready-to-drink coffee beverages at retail stores in the United States. Cold brew drinks are available in black or seasoned with the company’s sweet creamer, vanilla creamer, or oat milk. The coffee itself is made from 100% Arabica beans.

The product launch is due to the fact that more Americans are drinking coffee at home rather than in the office or coffee shop. In the ready-to-drink coffee category, retail sales surged 17% to $ 1.6 billion in the 52 weeks to October 31, according to Nielsen data. Keurig Dr Pepper is one of the trend-winning companies, with coffee system net sales up 3% to $ 1.1 billion in the third quarter.

However, Chobani’s coffee line has been in operation since the successful launch of the coffee creamer and has helped teach the company about coffee drinkers.

In an interview, Chobani Chief Innovation Officer Neil Sandfort said, “We started with creamer products, but we’re doing well and we’re going to continue. This was the next natural step.” Said.

According to Sandfort, the company is looking forward to incorporating its expertise in devising yogurt flavors into new categories such as coffee.

The suggested retail price for Chobani Coffee is $ 4.49 per 32 ounce multi-serve pack, which includes approximately 85 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is the standard for coffee. The bottles are made from Tetra Top Cartons and are easy to recycle.

“Chobani’s business model is at the heart of food development, and because we own manufacturing, we can offer these high-quality ingredients because of their reasonable cost, but they are not as expensive as we might think,” Sandoz said. Mr. Fort said.

When the coffee creamer was launched, Chobani focused on the use of real cream or oat milk rather than the hardened vegetable oils commonly used in this type of product. As a result, Sandfort says it is attracting new customers who have never used coffee creamers before. And now, the company wants Chobani Coffee to bring the same incremental traffic to the ready-to-drink category.

Chobani debuts cold brew coffee drink beyond yogurt

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