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Governor of New York Andrew M. Cuomo, Cuomo, will appear at the COVID-19 Vaccine News Conference on December 3, 2020 at the State Capitol in Albany, NY, with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on the 12th. Attend CNN Heroes times. : All-start tribute at the American Museum of Natural History in New York on December 9, 2018.

Thousands of pages of new evidence and oath testimony released on Monday relied on former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to rely on a group of allies, including his brother CNN host Chris Cuomo, to eventually make him. Suspected sexual harassment swallowed.

Beginning in December last year with the first public accusations by former aide Lindsey Boylan, the record is a series of close advisory groups manipulating the media to discredit the whistleblowers and maintain grip. It details how we discussed the increasingly radical steps. About the force that became more and more unbearable.

After discussing the legality of the move, they agreed to hand over Boylan’s personnel files to reporters and described her as politically motivated and undisturbed. They sought to bring together dozens of former female aides and supporters to write an editorial in support of him, but failed.

Chris Cuomo will play a bigger role in building his brother’s defense, including calling strategic calls and using media contacts to monitor reporters seeking to talk about the governor. I put pressure on him. At one point, he found a second-hand hint that another woman was lying, accusing the governor of making unwanted progress at the wedding. (It wasn’t her.)

“You need to trust me,” Chris Cuomo pleaded with Governor’s secretary Melissa Delosa at some point in March, when she and political consultant Lis Smith and pollster Jeffrey. He insisted that he should rely on other external advisors such as Pollock.

“We are making a mistake we can’t afford,” he added.

The research document “deserves a thorough review and review,” CNN said Monday.

“We will discuss the importance of CNN over the next few days and seek further clarification,” the company said in a statement.

Previously unseen material, including a video of the former governor answering questions under an oath, was produced earlier this year by an investigator working for Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, and she said. It confirmed the abominable report released in August and eventually led to Andrew Mark Cuomo’s resignation.

James had already published a record of an 11-hour interview with Cuomo and an interview with 10 women who accused him of various misconduct.

In a statement after his release on Monday, former governor spokesperson Richard Azzopardi accused James, who is currently running for governor, for acting out of political malice against Cuomo. A few months after the report was published to spoil the conclusions.

“To everyone’s surprise, Tish James continues to abuse government power to harness her political future. The prosecution’s misconduct, ethics and integrity are hated,” Azzopardi said. Says. “Today’s manipulated release of carefully selected witness testimony with selective editing is typical.”

Newly released records include copies of text and email messages, and testimony with many of Cuomo’s closest aides, including De Rosa, and current and former legal counsel such as Steven Cohen, Alphonso David, and Jill Des Rosiers. A statement was included.

Filled with screaming matches, swearing, and deep distrust stories, they seem to be testified by many who were trying to cut down when the Attorney General’s team fought to maintain their boss’s work and themselves. Draw together portraits of toxic labor culture.

“I don’t trust anyone,” De Rosa told many of her closest best friends in a text exchange to explain why she shared the details of the call-in for strategic calls, not an assistant. talked. In another message released by the investigator, Delosa explained that he had beaten two of Cuomo’s whistleblowers, including one with the nickname “Sponge.”

“I play a real role,” she said, adding, “I hate everyone in my defense.”

In one example, the investigator asked Azzopardi to tell him if the governor had ever been angry and threw apricots at him. He argued that the story told in the testimony of another unnamed staff member was false.

“Are you serious?” Said Azzopardi. But he also testified. I yelled at him, but it was okay. “

When the governor’s fate was first suspected earlier this year in the midst of rising criticism, many of the groups gathered directly at Albany’s executive mansion for a de facto war council, despite a fierce pandemic. Former top aide Linda Racewell told investigators. Many participants, including Pollock and Smith, ended up staying overnight, she said.

“I think it’s part of the human condition when you’re fighting — when you feel like you’re in a fight, you look at the people you trust,” Azzopardi told investigators. Told.

One of the people was clearly Chris Cuomo. He seems to have played a bigger role than he admitted or was previously known.

“When things started to accelerate, my brother asked me to go into a loop,” Chris Cuomo told investigators in a six-hour interview in July. He stated that he regarded himself as a “satellite” of his brother’s more formal adviser.

He insisted on investigators that he had never manipulated the press or turned other journalists to benefit his brother. And he tells the viewers of the show that he acts only as a brother and is a soundboard to “listen and provide my point of view,” telling the truth, whatever it is, and finally. Said he advised him to resign.

However, according to text messages, emails and testimonies collected by investigators, as an active journalist with a vast network of sources inside and outside the media, Chris Cuomo is more for those who are trying to help the governor stick to power. Proven to be useful. Chris Cuomo also vehemently opposed his brother’s resignation before a full investigation was conducted.

De Rosa turned to Chris Cuomo in search of “Intel” in early March when he was trying to monitor journalists working to uncover the story of harassment.

“On top of that,” he wrote back after such a request. A few days later, Delosa wrote that he had heard from the governor’s brother that New Yorker Ronan Farrow was “preparing to move.” “Can you check the source?”

In a text message with De Rosa in March, Chris Cuomo said he was “panicking” about how the governor’s team was handling the charges, and his own proposed statement for the governor to read. Before drafting, I begged “Please help me prepare.” Includes references to “cancelled culture”.

And he tried to use his contacts to help defend in other ways. After the New York Times reported in early March that the governor had made unwanted steps towards young women at the wedding, Chris Cuomo sent a text message to Delosa, “I am leading the wedding girl.” “Endure it” to hurt the governor.

Reed turned out to be two-tiered, he told investigators.

In a group text message with many of Andrew Mark Cuomo’s top advisors, Smith takes a different approach to minimizing the impact of the article, and she calls the reporter to warn that publishing will damage the Times’ reputation. I relayed the phone call.

“I told him that his story was pathetic and embarrassed by the times. I’m looking forward to reading it and will further reduce their confidence in their problems, and I’m especially with it and him. I was looking forward to ridiculing him on Twitter, “she said. I have written.

In some cases, testimony by Cuomo’s aides and advisers suggested that he acted without the governor’s explicit approval or even his knowledge.

David, the former governor’s chief legal adviser who left to lead the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, when she and others planned to release Boylan’s personnel files to undermine her claims. He said he coordinated with Delosa.

Delosa said he only told Cuomo what they did afterwards. “Did you confirm that this is legal?” According to her testimony, he asked. She said “yes”.

A few days after James’ report detailed what happened, all three were unemployed. Delosa resigned, followed by Cuomo. The Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest LGBTQ advocate, eventually fired David for “his contract breach” related to his work advising Cuomo’s office.

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