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Chris Cuomo was accused of harassment days before CNN firing | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-05 16:30:00 –

New York (AP) — A new allegation of sexual harassment against Chris Cuomo surfaced a few days ago. CNN announced it is firing an anchor In a work investigation, he defended his brother from similar allegations of harassment.

Attorney Debra Katz said on Sunday that her client was a victim of “serious sexual misconduct” by Cuomo and contacted CNN on Wednesday about the woman’s allegations.

CNN has suspended Cuomo Earlier this week Details about how he helped his brother were revealed, Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when a politician faces a sexual harassment allegation. Network officials said “additional information was revealed” when Chris Cuomo announced Saturday’s firing, but did not provide details.

Katz said the whistleblower decided to move forward after the Attorney General of New York’s office released evidence. Cuomo played a much more aggressive role than previously thought In helping to strategize and create a response to the claims faced by his brother. When the first claim to Andrew Cuomo surfaced, Chris Cuomo told viewers that he was “always very deeply concerned about these issues.”

“Hearing the hypocrisy of Chris Cuomo’s broadcast words, tired of his efforts to undermine the credibility of these women, my client told CNN his serious sexual misconduct against her. We hired a lawyer to report, “Kutz said in a statement.

CNN is considering Chris Cuomo’s actions according to new information, and a law firm hired to assist has recommended that the network terminate Chris Cuomo.

“Needless to say, these decisions aren’t easy and involve a lot of complexities,” CNN chief Jeff Zucker emailed to CNN staff on Saturday.

Cuomo said on Twitter that he was disappointed with the decision.

“This isn’t the way I want to end my time on CNN, but I’ve already talked about why and how I helped my brother, so unfortunately, with the Cuomo Prime Time team. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we did, “he said.

After veteran television executive Shelley Ross wrote a column in the New York Times in September, new allegations of illegal activity said Chris Cuomo sought her when he was working at ABC News 16 years ago. After that. Cuomo told the newspaper, “I apologized to her then, and I meant that.”

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Chris Cuomo was accused of harassment days before CNN firing | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Chris Cuomo was accused of harassment days before CNN firing | St. Louis News Headlines

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