Chris Harrison Ends “Bachelor” Franchise Permanently

His last rose. Chris Harrisonof Vacation from Bachelor Franchise Became permanent deadline I will report.

According to the outlet, the 49-year-old host has reached an eight-digit settlement with ABC. Katie ThurstonSeason 17 Premier Bachelorette The news comes after Harrison was accused of clearly defending the controversial Season 25 contestants (and final winners) in February. Rachel Carconel, Made her racially insensitive past headlines.

ABC / John Frenner

“We all need to have a little elegance, a little understanding, a little compassion,” Harrison told Bachelorette in Season 13. Rachel Lindsay on bonus At the time. “Who is Rachel Lindsay, who is Chris Harrison, and who is the awakened policeman there, who are you? [to tell her to speak out]I often hear things like “I think she should” and “I think he should.” Who are you? Who are you requesting it? “

Is Perfect letter Organized writer Bachelor And the various spin-offs since its premiere in 2002 have since apologized twice on Instagram, after announcing their plans to rest. Matt JamesAfter the last rose, He later Appeared in Good morning, America He said he wanted to go back to the show.

“I’m an imperfect person. I made a mistake and that’s what I’m responsible for,” he said on March 4. I am committed to making progress not only for myself, but also for the franchise. And this has been a part of my life for over 20 years and is my favorite franchise. “

Harrison then said, “I’m coming back and I want to come back. And I think this franchise will be an important beacon of change. Not just me, but many people are feeling change. And we are excited and willing to work to show that progress. This interview is not the goal. There is much more to do. And I am of that change. I’m excited to be part of it. “

Chris Harrison Permanently Ends Bachelor's Franchise After Scandals by Katie Thurston, Caitlin Bristow and Taicia Adams

Taicia Adams, Katie Thurston, Caitlin Bristow. ABC / Craig Shodin

Later that month, ABC announced Former lead Caitlin Bristow And Taisia ​​Adams Will guide Thurston, 30, on a Season 17 trip that began on Monday.After the news, Harrison Hired Friedman and Titelman’s Brian J. Friedman, Famous lawyer acting as an agent Gabrielle Union After letting her go America’s Got Talent In 2019.

Recently, Weekly Confirmed Harrison didn’t intend to participate of Next season 7 Bachelor of Paradise, With celebrities such as David spade Rotate as a host. We Earlier this month, it revealed exclusively that Harrison was unlikely. Will return for Michelle Youngof Bachelorette season 18.

Meanwhile, James and Kirk Connell reunited in May after parting in a controversy.

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Chris Harrison Ends “Bachelor” Franchise Permanently

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