Chris Harrison will leave forever as the host of the “Bachelor” franchise after nearly 20 years

Warner Horizon and ABC Entertainment confirmed to CBS News on Tuesday that moderator Chris Harrison would leave the company permanently after nearly 20 years as the face of the “Bachelor” television series. His resignation was a previous appearance. Following an online backlash earlier this year in support of racist behavior.

“I’m excited to start a new chapter because I’ve done so well as the moderator of the’Bachelor’series,” Harrison wrote in a statement. Instagram“I am very grateful to Batchelor Nation for all the memories we made together. My 20-year journey is over, but the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.”

Harrison announced the day after the season 17 premiere of “Bachelorette,” which received the lowest premier rating in the history of the entire series, according to data analyzed by the entertainment website. deadlineFormer bachelor Caitlin Bristow and Taisia ​​Adams Was appointed as co-sponsor.

Harrison earlier this year Temporarily separated Because he “explains historical racism” and “defends it” Instagram post During February.

After this year’s photo of the previous contestant resurfaced Rachel Carconel Harrison attended a Civil War-themed party in 2018 interview “We all need to give a little grace,” he said on ExtraTV, “not the awakened police.”

“I’ve seen some things online. Black woman’s first lead, In an interview. “It’s incredibly alarming to see this. I haven’t heard Rachel talk about it yet, and with whom I am about this until I actually hear this woman have a chance to talk. Do you say? “

Lindsey reminded her host in an interview that the photo was from 2018, which is “bad.”

After a controversial interview, Harrison was repulsed and later apologized to the black community and Lindsey on social media. In an ABC interview. “Good morning, AmericaHe said he was looking for a “race educator and strategist” who would be accountable and help him move forward.

“My ignorance has caused similar damage to my friends, colleagues and strangers,” Harrison wrote at the time. “I have no responsibility other than myself for what I say or speak. I set a standard, but I didn’t meet it. I feel it in every aspect of my existence. “

Former “Bachelor’s” stars, including Sean Wroe, who mentioned Harrison’s departure, responded to Harrison’s retirement on Tuesday. Sean Wroe said “… it’s never the same” about Harrison’s retirement. wrote.

“It’s just the end of the era,” wrote former “Bachelor’s” Ashley Laconetti. “Thanks for years of hard work and love for the show. I have a lump in my throat writing this.”

Chris Harrison will leave forever as the host of the “Bachelor” franchise after nearly 20 years

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