Chris Seateigen Reveals Breast Augmentation Scars: Video-Hollywood Life

Chrissy Teigen shared the latest information on scars after breast augmentation surgery last summer. The model also joked about “two lifts” at the age of 35.

About a year after her breast augmentation surgery Chris Sea Teigen Gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of her different Scars from the procedure Thursday, July 29th. Model 35 thanked the surgeon for revealing the results of her IG story. Dr. Garth Fisher.. She also joked about having “two lifts” by the age of 35.

“I’ll keep lifting them until the end of the time,” she sang in a short clip.The author of the cookbook is Get rid of her breast augmentation surgery May of last year. When she shared her video of undergoing a COVID-19 test, Clichy explained that it was in preparation for surgery. “I got my boobs out!” She shared. “They have been great for me for years, but I’m beyond that. I want to zipper a dress of my size and lie on my stomach with pure comfort! No big deal So don’t worry about me! Everything is good. “

She added that she “still has boobs”, and “they will just be pure fat, which is all nipples in the first place”. Chrissy added, “a ridiculous, miraculous bag of fat.”Chrissy said earlier Glamor UK What she had Implants made at the age of 20 For her modeling career. “It was a swimsuit,” she told the outlet in September 2020. But you have babies, they are full of milk and deflated, and now I’m confused. “

Chris Sea Teigen (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

The model is mom Luna, 5, and Miles, 3, she shares with her husband, a musician John legend..The latest information on surgery comes after Chrissy Open about her mental health A long IG post on July 14 revealed that she was “depressed” in a new membership of the “Cancellation Club” following the bullying controversy.Personality of both media Courtney Stodden And fashion designers Michael Costello I blamed her for cyberbullying.

“It feels very strange to pretend that nothing happened in this online world, but in real life it feels like pure shit,” she writes in part. “Club cancellation is fascinating and I learned a lot.” Chrissy later said, “I’m just … tired of being sick all day … you and you know. If someone cancels, you can spend some time off the couch, so please let us know if there is a cancellation club reunion! “

Chris Seateigen Reveals Breast Augmentation Scars: Video-Hollywood Life

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