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Boston Red Sox Christian Arroyo is pushed into a dugout cart to celebrate his three-run home run against the Houston Astros. Elise Amendra / AP

Red Sox infielder Christian Arroyo hadn’t returned home in front of his fans at Fenway Park until Thursday, but when he finally returned, it was a big deal.

Arroyo erased the pitch from the DraftKings sign with his left fielder in the bottom of the fifth inning and pulled back the Red Sox with the Astros in the final round of the series. The Astros took the lead again, but the Red Sox scored another five runs in the bottom of the sixth inning, winning 12-8.

Arroyo’s Homer is in good shape.

Alex Cora said the Red Sox is on the verge of making some tough decisions about the competition in the second half of the innings.

“[Arroyo’s homer] It was huge, “said Coke. “Especially where we were like bullpen today, it was like going with a big boy with a tie. If not, we had to scramble and were trying to scramble. He was trying to scramble. It made a good swing, and he gave us a chance to win. “

After ripping the pitch to the far left, Arroyo turned the bat over and jogged around the bass, screaming ecstatically.

“I’m very happy to have done that,” Arroyo said. “It was my first Fenway Homer in front of the fans. It was great. When it comes to that, I’m an emotional player. I like to win. Hit it and it comes out. At that point, it was a little pitch black and I was excited …

“I went there with a plan. I was lucky enough to carry out the plan, and I was lucky enough to make it work. As I said, I got in there. What can you do if you hit a line drive and the left fielder catches it? It’s probably a conservative expression to say I’m excited. “

Arroyo walked on his second run when the next inning, the Red Sox, did his final rally. He scored 3 RBIs and 2 runs and finished 3-4.

However, the home run was the highlight.

“At that point in the game, it was a roller coast ride back and forth,” Arroyo said. “I think it’s great to be able to do that, connect ball games and give them a chance to win.”

Christian Arroyo was excited about first homer in front of Fenway fans Source link Christian Arroyo was excited about first homer in front of Fenway fans

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