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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-26 00:38:30 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Get ready to spend more on Christmas trees and decorations next holiday season. Shipping prices and delays, as well as out-of-stocks, mean higher prices.

Most of the country’s fresh Christmas trees come from the Pacific Northwest, and many have been affected by summer droughts and wildfires.

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Thankfully, the Polar Tajiri tree in Washington was unaffected. She said she would cut the first tree next week, and it’s on her way to Hawaii on November 7th.

“Unfortunately, everything went up this year,” she said. “Actual shipping, tracking charges and prices are a bit higher than last year.”

She said the cost of a 6-foot tree was $ 129 last year, up about 10% to $ 142 this year. People who want to buy artificial trees spend about 20% more.

According to the US Department of Commerce, 80% of artificial trees are manufactured in China, and shipments from China are delayed for a long time.

“Shipping costs have risen significantly,” explained Hawaii retailer Tina Yamaki. “We can see that the product itself is rising because of manufacturing, so I think this Christmas will be a little higher.”

She said retailers bought artificial trees early and many people already have them. If you see it, there may not be another shipment, so please purchase it.

“In many cases, retailers don’t bring in the amount they had in the past. They want to be sure they can sell it before Christmas comes,” explained Yamaki.

Matson said in an email: “Christmas tree shipments in Matson usually arrive in Honolulu every week for four weeks starting the week before Black Friday (starting November 13th this year). Volume is about the same as last year. Delivery delays Not expected. “

Even trees that haven’t been shipped to Hawaii are more expensive as local farmers pay more for fertilizers, soil, and so on.

Aaron O’Brien, owner of Helemano Farm, said:

He said his price would rise for the first time in four years, about 15% higher. He owns 3,000 Norfolk trees this year and plans to open soon.

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“We have a weekend before Thanksgiving instead of Black Friday to spread the crowd,” he said. “So it’s not very crowded.”

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