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“We have a goose bump. It’s amazing. It was incredible to see him and hear his loud cry,” said Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equsearch.

Grimes County, Texas — A Desperate Search for 3 Days Christopher Ramirez The sheriff’s office confirmed that the three-year-old boy in Grimes County ended after it was found to be safe.

Pictures taken on Saturday show that the child is reunited with his mother.

The above video of Sheriff Don Sawell and Equu Search’s Tim Miller is from KHOU11’s sister station. KAGS-TV

Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said Christopher was found in the FM 1486 forest area near Highway 249 after authorities received a call at around 11:15 am.

Sowell said Christopher looks healthy. He said the toddler’s mother was with him while he was being checked out by rescue workers.

“He drinks a lot of water, but he’s fine,” Sawell said. “He’s alive, laughing, chopping, crying. His mom is crying. He’s fine.”

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Related: Christopher Ramirez is “one of the most difficult searches in 21 years,” said the founder of Texas Equu Search.

Christopher disappeared into the woods around 2 pm Wednesday.The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office responded Deer Park Lane in the Foxfire subdivision of Planters Building Within 9 minutes of asking for help.

The child’s mother said her son had disappeared shortly after finishing her errands and returning home. She said he was playing with a dog and ran away from home.

“I haven’t seen it in 52 years of law enforcement. [search efforts] “This is detailed,” Sowell said. “To be honest, we were running in prayer, four-wheel drive, and overdrive because there was nothing else. There was nothing else.”

Efforts to find Christopher involved multiple agencies, Texas EquuSearch and FBI Houston, and dozens of volunteers combing forest areas outside family homes and dwellings within the plot.

It was a difficult task, probably The most difficult case Texas Equu Search has ever seen, The phone didn’t come into the tipline with little or no.

“This is the second time I’ve had a child like this in 21 years at Equusearch. To be honest, I gave up today, this morning,” said Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch. rice field. This is amazing. It was incredible to see him and hear his loud screams. “

According to the sheriff, there are no signs of fraudulent play yet.

A team of investigators investigated the possibility of criminal issues related to Christopher’s disappearance. As of Friday afternoon, the family has been immediate and expanded and has been excluded as an interested person.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Christopher Ramirez found safe and alive: Grimes County sheriff Source link Christopher Ramirez found safe and alive: Grimes County sheriff

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