Church donates 80,000 lbs of food to Portland’s Sunshine Division – Portland, Oregon

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Mormon Church and Sunshine Division distribute £ 80,000 of food to pantry throughout the Portland Metro area

PMG Photo: JAIME VALDEZ – Portland Police Officer Matt Toby, right, the liaison between the Portland Police Department and the Sunshine Division represents eight local food pantry in the Sunshine Division (formerly Albertsons in Wilsonville). Help load the box food for volunteers.

Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — On Tuesday, October 19, two semi-tracks carried £ 80,000 of food from Boise, Idaho, to a warehouse in the Sunshine Division in the former Albertsons Building in Wilson Building. Upon their arrival, the process began repackaging and distributing macaroni, beans, spaghetti sauce and other items in a local food pantry. After the food package was assembled, a local organization arrived on Wednesday and received it. Ultimately, this will provide a myriad of meals to members of the needy community.

As part of an initiative to deliver food to local pantry across the country, Lake Oswego (including Wilsonville and Westlin) and the Tualatin Church Latter-day Saint Stake (chapter) facilitated distribution to western food pantry. Full of Lin and Tualatin, Sherwood YMCA, Tualatin Valley Family Promises, Beaverton’s Errol Hassel Elementary School Food Pantry, St. Vincent De Paul, Pride (Tigard-Tualatin School District) and the Sunshine Division itself. Sunshine sector workers and church volunteers undertook a difficult process.

“It was overwhelming for us. It was a very beautiful gesture,” said Phillies, director of Westlin Food Pantry. “It’s hard to explain, but it was great on their part and I was able to get some food here with the volunteers. That will keep us going for a while.”

Nancy Scott, assistant director of the Church’s Lake Oswego Stake Communication Council, said her stake jumped at the opportunity to feed the local pantry, but needed a place to distribute the goods. That’s where the sunshine division came in.

The Department of Food and Clothing for Portland’s Family, in collaboration with the Portland Police Department, has been using the old Albertsons store warehouse since last year to repack and distribute donations.

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“Safeway-Albertsons is a major partner in the Sunshine Division,” said Bill Edlfsen, Director of Finance and Infrastructure at the Sunshine Division. He lent me something in the southwestern part of Portland. After that, they sold the facility and let them use the Wilsonville store. “

The Wilsonville spot has not only space, but also equipment and personnel to make the process of sorting, assembling and distributing about 3,000 cases of food more seamless. Edelhusen was grateful for the generous donations of the church.

“It’s probably approaching the $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 worth of food they provide to (our) and other organizations,” he said. “It’s tremendous because it’s the way we can serve people. It’s the generosity of those who serve LDS and other in-kind meals. They donate it for free. That means we can help more people because we can only buy so much food on a budget. “

Tracy Smith, along with the Tualatin Food Pantry, wrote in an email that the pandemic has reduced the flow of food drives and reduced the ability of organizations to do what they want for their local families. But donations filled the gap.

“This large donation has filled our shelves for the first time in a long time. We are very excited about this food that will help meet the growing needs of our clients this holiday season,” Smith wrote. I am.

According to Reese, Westlin’s pantry will distribute over £ 5,400 of food to regular 40-50 customers, as well as elementary school children eligible for dietary support and annual holiday box distribution.

Scott said providing these services is only part of the Church’s goal of supporting the community. And she said the two-day effort went largely well with the help of the Sunshine department.

“Part of our mission as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to serve our peers and build good relationships with our neighbors. Part of that is how we can develop and serve relationships. To find it, “she said.

Church donates 80,000 lbs of food to Portland’s Sunshine Division Source link Church donates 80,000 lbs of food to Portland’s Sunshine Division

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