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Cinco de Mayo providing needed boost for local restaurants – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-05 19:50:11 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —Some local restaurants want Cinco de Mayo to represent Square One for the rebound of summer spending.

A festive atmosphere back to Mariposa Cocina and cocktails. The restaurant is open to hungry guests by Cinco de Mayo.

“I think this is a lot better than last year’s Cinco de Mayo, given that I couldn’t leave the house because it was blocked.”

Alexis Frank is visiting from Florida. She confirmed that she would eat a proper Cinco de Mayo diet.

“It feels great because this was today’s plan. I wanted to do tacos and margaritas,” she said.

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She is not alone. It’s a great time to relax the restrictions and secure 80% capacity. General manager Sean Sullivan says it was difficult to open a restaurant a few months ago in the midst of a pandemic.

“I wasn’t ready for 25 percent and some other things that really hurt us like everyone else,” he said.

Now he stops at a full bar ready holiday special while making more tables available. Sullivan says he wants a true reopening that will give the restaurant momentum in the summer.

“Turn it back a bit, that’s what we’re trying to settle down today,” he said.

Software company Womply Analyzed revenue Local restaurants across the country have found that Cinco de Mayo is the third most profitable day after Mother’s Day and the eve of Mother’s Day in 2018. This is a 44% increase in revenue from normal days. Sullivan says he expects the same thing this year.

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“It’s like St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Bar, where everyone can come out, celebrate and have a great time,” he said.

Frank says she’s happy, now she has a closer normal sensation.

“I’m really excited to see more places open and things to start over,” she said.

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