“Circuit Superstars” is not eligible for Early Access and is available on PC and Xbox

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This Week’s Racing Game News:

“Circuit Superstars” has been officially released

The top-down miniature racing game “Circuit Superstars,” which was available on PC for several months as the title of “Early Access,” was surprisingly officially released earlier this week in its final form. Not only will the finished version be available on PC, the game will also be available on Xbox, and PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions will be available in the future.Official release Weekly live stream Earlier this week, I still love its charm, aesthetics, and handling controls that are easy to learn but difficult to learn.There is also a formula Top gear Collaboration in the game now gives players the best time on the Top Gear Test Track.

The game has seen many improvements since the days of Early Access, but encountered one of the same small bugs that exist in online multiplayer. This is the same thing I did on the “Circuit Superstar” months ago. Especially in multiplayer, it seems very difficult to handle collisions between players, which causes unpleasant and glitchy movements not only in the surroundings but also in your car. I hope this will improve in time. Despite this little complaint, if you’re interested in quirky, micromachine-like racers, the game is worth a look, and it’s only $ 20! Watch the release video below.

“Rocket League” celebrates Halloween with Batman content

The eerie season is coming and the “Rocket League” celebrates Revive the annual Haunted Hellos event There are many new Batman unlockable items. Batman-themed seasonal event challenges include The Joker Minas Decals and Boosts, Gotham’s Finest Merck Decals, Poison Ivy Boost, Harley You can also win the title of The Dark Knight player by simply logging in with the Quinn Wheel and Topper, and during the event. There is also a new limited-time mode called Gotham City Rumble. It’s a twist on the traditional rumble mode, but with Batman-themed power-ups and a variation of the new Beck with Park Arena called Gotham Knight.

Last but not least, you can also buy Batman items from the Item Shop. For 2,000 credits, you can purchase the Batman Halloween Bundle, which includes the 1989 Batmobile and its exclusive decals, the Dark Knight Tumbler and its exclusive decals, the 2016 Batmobile and its exclusive decals, and the corresponding unique goal explosion. .. 3 vehicles. It’s becoming a fun season for car soccer. If you want to see how the new content works, watch the video below.

“Circuit Superstars” is not eligible for Early Access and is available on PC and Xbox

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