Circus Arts Conservatory cancels 2021 Big Top season – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-01-13 14:52:26 –

Circus Sarasota Big Top at Nathan Benderson Park | Photo by Rick Purdue

Sarasota, Florida – Local art leaders wanted 2021 to signal a better era and return to theaters, arenas, and auditoriums throughout the community, but COVID-19 is still having a major negative impact. .. In the case of the Circus Arts Conservatory (CAC), due to health, safety and financial considerations, leaders should cancel the next big top season, including the organization’s most notable international performance programs such as Circus Arts Gala and Circus Sarasota 2021. became. The annual collaboration between CAC and Key Chorale, Circus Voix® – Circus of the Voices, will also be cancelled.

The Gala and Circus Sarasota shows are the largest source of annual income for nonprofits. This is the first year in history that Circus Sarasota will not host a winter show.

“We’ve been monitoring the COVID-19 crisis for the past few weeks, considering the unpredictability of travel, the safety and comfort of artists and patrons, and the long-term survival of nonprofits,” said CEO. Said the partner. -Founder Pedro Wraith. “It’s clear that financial institutions can’t bear the expected financial burden as ticket revenues are expected to decline. This unfortunate cancellation continues to inspire circus Sarasota audiences and artists for future generations. It is needed by our ultimate goal of ensuring that. “

CAC will announce and schedule the Sailor Circus Spring Show at the Sailor Circus Arena as planned. By early 2022, the 25th anniversary of Circus Sarasota, the leaders of the organization hope to be able to gather again safely and profitably under the big top of Nathan Benderson Park.

Your organization still has a number of programs running throughout the community. Its youth training program, Sailor Circus, is underway and recent holiday shows will be available on the CAC website until January. Silk classes are currently available in the community, small group / team building experiences are available, and circus art classes for children of all ages are being considered. Educational programs such as circus science for local classrooms and circus magnet programs at Sarasota High School and Booker Middle School are benefiting local students. Sailor Circus Arena can be rented by businesses and nonprofits. All programs and rentals comply with the CDC guidelines for public health and safety.

“We share a deep disappointment with many colleagues in the arts department about these necessary cancellations,” said Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Dolly Jacobs Wraith. “But there are still many ways people can stay engaged in the art of the circus, and without box office, we need more community support to maintain our influence. It should be noted that there is. “

Although this is an unfortunate setback for CAC’s annual budget and operations, the organization continues to work to serve the community in a profound way. The CAC took advantage of the pandemic period to rethink how performance, training and educational programs reach a wider and more diverse audience. Its board of directors, management and staff are committed to ensuring that CAC remains an important cultural asset for the South West Florida region.

For more information on CAC or how to support arts organizations, please visit circusarts.org.

About Circus Arts Conservatory
Located in Sarasota, Florida, the Circus Arts Conservatory offers world-class performance, outstanding circus art training, and a community-based outreach program. The organization was born out of decades of circus history and today serves as a legacy for those who set the standards for international circus artistry and education. Circus Arts Conservatory is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. For more information, please visit CircusArts.org.

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