City builds sidewalk after KRIS 6 exposed unsafe road for kids – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-04-07 20:14:00 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — In October, a worried mother told KRIS 6 News about the street next to her home. Children walk to school on the road because there are no sidewalks on the road and the median on both sides was covered with grass. ..

Immediately after seeing our story, Corpus Christi’s Public Utilities Board cuts the central line between Wooldridge Road and Quebec Street along Victoria Park Drive, providing a way for children to get in and out of Adkins Middle School. did.

The city is now taking it one step further by building 1,300 feet. A long asphalt passage along the stretch, to the joy of the mother.

“I’m very grateful that they took it into account and achieved it so quickly,” said Daniel James.

James can see Adkins Middle School from her home.

But when her two sons were old enough to go to school there, she said she wouldn’t allow them to walk because there was no sidewalk on the street before.

The construction of the new asphalt trail, which began in February, has made her rethink it.

That’s what the city wants to offer, said Richard Martinez, director of public works.

“That’s what we do to make a living. What we’re supposed to do is see the problem actually occur and how to fix it. . How can I make it safe? “

The city chose asphalt because asphalt is cheaper than concrete. Martinez said the use of low-cost materials is a strategic decision, as the land on which the sidewalks are currently located is underdeveloped.

“If I had to come here and set up a concrete sidewalk that could be torn in the future due to development or something like that, it would have been much more expensive,” he said. “We were able to do that for less than $ 50,000.”

The city finished a sidewalk project with signs and pedestrian crossings last month, and already James said it made a difference.

“There’s more traffic (there). It’s really good because it’s no longer on the street,” she said.

City builds sidewalk after KRIS 6 exposed unsafe road for kids Source link City builds sidewalk after KRIS 6 exposed unsafe road for kids

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