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City Council hires lawyers for OKCPD Chief, officers in Rodriguez lawsuit – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-07-07 13:32:23 –

Oklahoma City (Free press) — The Oklahoma City City Council hired an outside legal adviser on Tuesday to represent the Oklahoma City Police Chief and five police officers appointed in a civil lawsuit in the shooting of Stabian Rodriguez.

It was also a refreshing short meeting consisting of standard service contract renewals to start a new fiscal year.

In the absence of Mayor David Holt, District 7 Assemblyman Nikki Nice chaired the meeting as Deputy Mayor and proceeded with an efficient clip.

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In November 2020, 15-year-old Stabian Rodriguez was shot dead. Killed by the police After trying to steal a gas station.

Rodriguez climbed through the drive-through window and began placing his gun on the ground. A few seconds later, a policeman fired in his teen, attacking 13 times and dying.

In March, district attorney David Prater announced that his office had filed criminal charges against five police officers who fired at Rodriguez. Corey Adams, Jonathan Skuta, Brad Pemberton, Jared Barton, and Bethany Sears have each been charged with manslaughter, a felony.

To read the charging docs and watch videos of the 5 wearing cameras from the shoot:

Five OKCPD officers charged with felony in Stavian Rodriguez shooting

Civil lawsuit

In addition to criminal accusations, officers are now Civil lawsuit Brought by the mother of Stabian Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s mother, Cameo Holland, has filed a lawsuit through her lawyer seeking damages in excess of $ 75,000 per case for infringing Rodriguez’s civil rights.

The proceedings are named after the five police officers who shot Rodgriguez, police chief Wade Girly, and Oklahoma City. The venue is the Western District Court of the Oklahoma Federal Court in front of the prestigious Bernard M. Jones.

External legal advisor

At a meeting of the city council on Tuesday, several items on the agenda were for permission to retain an external legal representative of the officers nominated in the proceedings. Each of these items was discussed in an executive session common to discussions on personnel issues.

After returning from the executive session, the remaining members of the council voted for each item in turn, all passing 6-1. District 6 councilor Jo Beth Hamon voted against each of them. Second ward assembly member James Cooper was absent from the vote.

The Gary J. James & Associates company represents Corey Adams and receives payments not exceeding $ 50,000.

Wood, Puhl, and Wood, PLLC. Representing Jonathan Sukta for services that do not exceed $ 50,000 again.

Brad Pemberton, Jared Burton and Bethany Sears are represented by the Collins, Zone and Wagner companies. , And the agent are paid through their service contract.

Free Press will continue to track the Dutch proceedings and other details of the Rodriguez case.

The city council will meet next July 20th at 8:30 am

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City Council hires lawyers for OKCPD Chief, officers in Rodriguez lawsuit Source link City Council hires lawyers for OKCPD Chief, officers in Rodriguez lawsuit

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