City Council OKs $10 million for desalination plant – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-07 20:48:41 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — At a meeting of the Corpus Christi City Council on Tuesday, dozens of people opposed the proposed seawater desalination plant spoke for more than three hours.

Specifically, they did not want the council to approve a budget item that would provide $ 10.1 million to allow, plan, and study the impact of such plants on the community. ..

“We have to get a refund for desalination, that’s what we want,” one of the speakers said on the phone.

The majority of public commentators refrained from appearing directly in the council and spoke in a conference call as the Delta variant of COVID-19 boosted the number of cases and deaths of the new coronavirus.

Others have set aside the fear, including the lone speaker who waited until the item in question was in front of the council after the public comment period ended.

“Today, there were 48 public comments on this funding for desalination and we asked everyone to remove this funding,” he said.

The speaker said all commenters shared the same concerns about desalination plants.

They include the potential for contamination of Corpus Christi Bay by returning brine, a by-product of the plant, to the bay.

They are also concerned about the cost of building a plant and how much of that cost will be passed on to water customers.

Members of the council discussed the issue, but eventually approved the funding with a 6-3 vote in next year’s budget.

“I agree 100% with that, and I think (the councilor) is doing a great job,” said Mike Murphy, Chief Operating Officer of Corpus Christi’s Water Utilities.

According to Murphy, the city is considering alternative water sources such as groundwater and water reuse.

Even after considering them, he said he needed a desalination plant.

“I support it. We are looking for a drought-resistant water source,” he said.

City Council OKs $10 million for desalination plant Source link City Council OKs $10 million for desalination plant

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