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City Council races must tackle issue of regulating Entergy – New Orleans, Louisiana

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The qualification period for candidates seeking a New Orleans City Council position has expired. Councilors’ responsibilities cover many subject areas such as criminal justice, housing, land use, hygiene, budgeting, transportation and the environment.

Candidates seeking a city council position often do not talk about the extraordinary power that regulates the city’s power company, Enter G. Elections go back and forth, not as much as a candidate’s statement on what to do to reduce the cost of the Entergy bill, or how to support energy efficiency and weathering in the home.According to the data held by US Department of EnergyMore than half of New Orleans’s inhabitants pay a high energy cost burden of 28% of their monthly income.

In past council races, television debates rarely ask candidates about plans to eliminate them. Frequent numbers of Power outage Rain or shine that occurs. Candidates have developed a platform that has not linked New Orleans’ vulnerability to the climate crisis to our position in areas involved in industrial pollution. Voters rarely heard that candidates shared their vision of improving livelihoods and neighborhoods with equitable energy policies.

I hope this will change in the 2021 city council race. As a member of the local organization that participated in the Coalition Energy Future New Orleans (EFNO), we are working to raise awareness of the important forces and responsibilities of the city council that regulates entertainment. How elected council members choose to exercise this power affects both the daily lives of the inhabitants and our future.

The authority to regulate Entergy Offer According to the New Orleans City Statute of Autonomy. All seven councilors determine how much Entergy will charge local customers. They vote for the type and quality of service that Entergy can offer. Other city governments elected in the United States do not have the authority of the city council to regulate investor-owned utilities... This power comes with a great responsibility to meet a wide range of energy demands.

The next slate of elected council members needs to address critical issues regarding Entergy’s costs and services, and the opportunity for more residents to benefit from renewable energy and electrification. next year, The councilor chooses one of the following:

  • Implement the recently approved one Renewable and clean portfolio criteria Make sure that the electricity supplied to New Orleans residents meets the requirements for the phasing out of dirty coal, oil and gas.
  • Hold a public process to determine the rationality of the costs charged by Entergy at the New Orleans East Gas Plant $ 210 million to over $ 650 million About the planned use of the plant.
  • Oversee independent management Entergy Audit To investigate customer service and operational issues such as unexpected bill spikes, frequent power outages, safety breaches at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant, criminal data breaches on customer accounts, and Mardigra emergency power outages.
  • Ensure that Entergy provides New Orleans with the least cost of energy through an ongoing integration resource plan.
  • Promote community solar projects for lessors and other residents facing rooftop solar barriers.
  • Supporting climate and extreme weather resilience by planning New Orleans to expand access to transmitted electricity in multistate power grids.
  • Improve public access on all live and recorded videos Rate case It will be provided to the general public for at least a week for preliminary hearings and resolutions on utilities to be considered before they are considered by the council.
  • Pay for technical and legal assistance for utilities by staffing the Utilities Regulatory Authority and selecting professional consultants on a case-by-case basis or by continuing high-value, comprehensive contracts that are politically connected. I will do it. Advisor..

For Council candidates and voters, Energy Future New Orleans (EFNO) Deeper diving About council regulators and current energy issues. On September 28, 2021, EFNO will hold a city council candidate forum that includes a question and answer session with attendees. We encourage all candidates to speak and speak frequently about their plans to improve entertainment regulations and set fair energy policies for the people of New Orleans. I will.

Monique Harden is an Assistant Director of the Deep South Center’s Law and Public Policy and Community Engagement Program Manager for Environmental Justice.

Jesse George is New Orleans Policy Director of the Alliance for Affordable Energy.

Brent Newman is Senior Policy Director of Audu Bon Delta

City Council races must tackle issue of regulating Entergy Source link City Council races must tackle issue of regulating Entergy

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