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City, county & state leaders calling for change in I-85 construction zone following deadly crash, SCDOT says all options on the table – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-07-16 22:53:29 –

Gaffney, South Carolina (WSPA) – Changes have been made to the I-85 construction zone in Cherokee County after an accident that killed three people Thursday afternoon. Leaders in Cherokee County and Gaffney City said they needed to take immediate action to prevent another tragedy.

This is an extension of the road that many Ceroki County residents are doing their best to avoid.

“We are trying to avoid 85. We are using 29 frontage roads,” said Cowpens residents John and Joan Kopchik.

But that wasn’t always the case. They said it was all caused by the I-85 expansion project and the shoots placed there.

“This is a death trap. Where would you go if you had a tractor trailer behind you? Where would you go?” Joan Kopchik said.

They have been in contact with state legislators for months and have no plans to change. In other words, until the tragedy strikes.

“It’s not fair to the community and the travelers,” said Gaffney Fire Chief Jamie Cagiano.

Gaffney Fire Chief Jamie Cagiano said his department was out in the construction zone almost every day, responding to shipwrecks.

He wants to change something with Cherokee County leaders and state legislators.
Senator Harvey Peeler said the tragedy partially indicated the need for SCDOT and highway patrol to be more accountable for the project.

County leaders want DOT to hire an independent contractor to consider the effectiveness of the security measures being implemented in the expansion project.

“If we have to work this weekend, that’s what we do,” said Christie Hall. “We will continue to discuss what else we can do. All options are in the table. I have not ruled out any options, including reassessing the use of shoots,” said Secretary of Transportation Christie. Hall said.

Secretary of Transportation Christie Hall told Seven News, they have made some changes, such as slowing down the southbound lane of the construction zone, and more work signs will be posted.

You can find the full statement from SCDOT here:

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has increased safety and traffic in line with the Interstate 85 construction project in Spartanberg and Cherokee County following the tragic crash of July 15, 2021. We are considering “all options” to improve the situation.

SCDOT is working with law enforcement authorities to better understand the circumstances that led to the I-85 construction project incident. This project has been plagued by collisions across the work area, including such collisions involving tractor trailers traveling in passenger car lanes. Authorities continue to work with law enforcement agencies and local first responders to identify and implement additional measures designed to slow down, pay attention to, and stay in the right lanes for drivers. I will.

After a team of SCDOT transportation engineers reassessed the construction site, Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall said on Friday, July 16, 2021, “all options are being considered.” “We feel that all fatal and serious injuries are unacceptable. In addition, the long traffic backups that drivers experience along this work area are totally acceptable in our view. I can’t. “

SCDOT also seeks assistance from professionals in work areas nationwide. This is because the agency is having a hard time slowing down the driver, paying attention and keeping the tractor trailer in the right lane.

To continue working closely with law enforcement agencies and first responders, SCDOT will reduce the speed limit to at least 45 mph in the southbound direction and revise work zone signs.

Beginning Saturday, July 17, 2021, the State Traffic Police will be placed in the I-85 Construction Zone as an additional law enforcement measure. The State Traffic Police, which is part of the SC Public Safety Department, is primarily responsible for enforcing state and federal laws governing commercial vehicles, including trucks.

“We thank Public Security Director Robert G. Woods for their valuable support and partnership in dealing with these difficult situations,” said Hall.

In addition, a statement from Senator Harvey Peeler’s office is as follows:

“We are one of the inattentive drivers away from death and destruction on this interstate highway.”

This was my comment at a meeting SCDOT attended last week to address issues related to the construction of the I-85. Yesterday’s tragic accident shows that SCDOT and SC Highway Patrol need to be more accountable for this project.

When I first started talking about the use of traffic chute three years ago, I expressed concern that they could be a death trap. Unfortunately, for our community this is true and we have to do something about it. I have taken action on the SCDOT and SC Highway Patrols and called on them to take immediate precautions to ensure that the I-85 is a safe place for our family and loved ones to travel. I will. “

City, county & state leaders calling for change in I-85 construction zone following deadly crash, SCDOT says all options on the table Source link City, county & state leaders calling for change in I-85 construction zone following deadly crash, SCDOT says all options on the table

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