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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Ice and snow may be almost gone, but they leave a threat to the road.

If you drive somewhere around Tulsa, you will probably feel bumps. A pothole is hijacking the street.

They are a range of shapes and sizes. Not all are created the same.

“The holes in weather events are the ones you see and the circular ones you drive and see,” said Terryball, director of roads and rainwater in Tulsa. What we’re working on. Patches. And they’re what we clean, put hot asphalt in it, and compress it. And that’s the end of it. “

Last week’s weather caused a break in the water mains throughout the city. These breaks lead to potholes that are difficult to repair.

“We actually went and saw the pavement cut out the broken area, usually from a broken water supply. We went in, leveled, compressed the surface, and then a whole new one. Pour. Whether it’s concrete or asphalt depends on which surface it was on in the first place. It comes back with the same type of material. “

No matter how much you try to avoid it, potholes will always find a way to get into your path. Tires and wheels suffer most of the damage, and depending on the degree, repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. You also need to pay attention to other parts of the car.

Kevin Freeman, the manager of AAA AutoCare, said:

When the car starts to vibrate, it’s time to check it, Freeman said. He said most car stores inspect it for free. And even if things feel normal, it’s important to check the tires for damage.

“The car feels it with shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints and control arms, and the car is misaligned. It can damage exhaust fumes, catalytic converters, mufflers, exhaust pipes and tailpipes. “

The city has eight crew members who work 10 hours a day to repair these potholes. If you find something that needs repair, especially in your neighborhood, you can call 311 or report it in the Tulsa 311 app.

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