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Corpus Christi, Texas — The hurricane season begins June 1st at Coastal Bend.

“It’s important to be prepared to keep the community safe, and we want the community to do the same,” said Peter Zanoni, manager of Corpus Christi, at the city council on Tuesday when preparing for a storm in the area. Said.

On Tuesday, Corpus Christi Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Delgado Submitted to Corpus Christi City Council About the city’s plans when a storm threatens the area.

One of the main parts of the city’s plans that Delgard focused on is evacuation plans.

“We are monitoring the storm after 120 hours, so we are continuously monitoring the situation and traffic,” he said. “The bigger the storm, the more zones you have to evacuate and the longer you have to evacuate.”

Delgard said that in the event of a storm, the first priority would be to evacuate lowlanders such as Padre Island and North Beach.

“The storm surge is the biggest murderer in the middle of a hurricane,” he said. “So we want the lowlands to come out first.”

Since Corpus Christi is a coastal city, there is no shelter available to residents if they decide to stay in town, ignoring their evacuation obligations.

“If we’re asking you to evacuate, that’s what we want you to do,” Delgard said. “Therefore, before the hurricane season, the air raid shelter will not open.”

For those who cannot evacuate on their own, the city will provide evacuation assistance to residents, similar to Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

The city will stage refugees at Corpus Christi Jim in Saratoga Boulevard, and the CCISD bus will take people to the shelter in San Antonio. CCRTA provides a free bus to the gym and pets are allowed.

Each resident evacuating will receive a wristband indicating which shelter to go to. The city scans the wristband and loads it into the computer system to make sure everyone is registered in their account. People can dial 211 to contact the Red Cross and find a loved one.

Delgard said Corpus Christi and many other agencies and organizations in the region are involved in planning and implementing the preparation for the storm. He said that the most important part of the whole operation is constant communication.

“It’s all about talking before the event and staying in touch all year long, not when it happens,” he said.

Delgard recommends planning what to do if the family needs to evacuate. This includes collecting and bringing in supplies and important documents.He also encourages everyone to sign up for alerts ReverseAlert.org..

City lays out plans for hurricane season Source link City lays out plans for hurricane season

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