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Riverside, California 2021-10-24 23:06:32 –

Austin’s police chief responded to a banner report displayed above MoPac, and many city leaders opposed improper graffiti at Anderson High.

Austin, Texas — City leaders have accused the anti-Semitic, racist, and homosexual message cases around Austin from Friday to weekend.

Recently, I received a report on the banner displayed on the TX-Loop1 or MoPac Expressway.Police didn’t say what the banner comments or words were saying, but Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon Addressed the banner on Sunday, The message says there is no place in the capital.

here Full text of Chacon About the banner:

“Let’s be clear. Hatred and prejudice are absolutely non-existent in our community and certainly not welcomed by police stations. The views shared by demonstrators during weekend protests are abhorred. It doesn’t reflect our values. More than two hours of incidents don’t tell the whole story. Our community shouldn’t accept out-of-context hatred and images on social media. Please. After enduring the barrage of hatred speeches and personal insults, they are thrown at them. Police officers who settled down on the scene and responded professionally did not escalate the case and violated the law. We fulfilled our duty to keep MoPac drivers, bystanders and protesters safe, making sure they weren’t there. The supervisor responded to the scene and responded to his request to keep the protesters safe in the scene. At the end of the conversation, the responding supervisor rejected the handshake request and chose fist bumps instead, citing the COVID-19 safety protocol. APD keeps the Austin community safe and criminal We remain vigilant about the priority of holding people accountable. “

Shalom AustinThe MoPac banner, an organization striving to improve the quality of life of Jews in the Austin region, is called “very upset and anxious.”

The full statement issued by Shalom Austin is as follows:

“I’m writing to inform you of the anti-Semitic incident that took place on the Far West viaduct in Mopac this afternoon. A small group of individuals raised the anti-Semitic flag on Mopac. Since then, they have Has left the area. At this time, the incident does not seem to have anything to do with the horrific destructiveism that took place at Anderson High School this week.

We understand that this is very upset and anxious. We always pay attention to the surveillance of anti-Semitic groups and work closely with law enforcement agencies to share information about their activities. The goal of this group is to get attention by being as aggressive as possible. The Austin Police Department has been aware of the situation, very supportive, and has carefully monitored and monitored the situation. We talked to Chief Joseph Chacon tonight, and he reaffirmed his support for our community. We understand that we may have plans for additional activities in Austin and elsewhere in Texas in the coming days. Given their recent activities, this is expected to include public demonstrations where they can attract attention. If you see them, it is not advisable to interact with them.

We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you that we are working with local law enforcement agencies to keep the community safe. We are also in close contact and coordination with all local congregations and Jewish organizations to combat hatred and anti-Semitism.

I am grateful to my allies and colleagues for their help. “

As hinted at in a statement by Shalom Austin, this happens on Friday after some student parking lots at Anderson High School have been painted with racist words and symbols.

Mayor Steve Adler Responded to the report In a hate speech on Saturday, “It’s heartbreaking to see anti-Semitic hatred in Austin, a welcoming and respectful place. There is no hatred of any kind in our city. If you ask, @ADL. “

Acting Mayor Natasha Harper-Madison Tweet out “A timid, sad, targeted attack on our entire community, not just high school students. Not tolerated in East Austin. Not tolerated in West Austin. Not tolerated in Austin.”

Councilor Alison Alter also chimed about the anti-Semitic graffiti seen at Anderson High School on Saturday.

“Yesterday Anderson High School students encountered anti-Semitism, homosexuality, and racist graffiti when they arrived at school. This hatred is unacceptable in our community. Everyone has to oppose it. [I am not posting a photo because I don’t want to circulate hate.] #NoHate ” Change tweet..

Councilor Gregorio Kazar commends Alter For her comment.

“Thank you for calling for this anti-Semitism, homosexuality and racism @ALTERforATX” Kazar added..

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City leaders condemn anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic messaging seen in Austin Source link City leaders condemn anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic messaging seen in Austin

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