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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-Thursday, city leaders and community members gathered to find a haven for people living in homeless camps near Wal-Mart off Charlotte Pike. It’s a place that almost 50 people call home, but neighbors say it’s enough.

Recently, trees and leaves have been removed to stop the camp from growing. Brookmead Park is a place for people to pass by, but the park near the Cumberland River Greenway was once home to Lizmagamo.

“I’ve been in the camp for almost 10 years,” Mallard said at a community meeting on Thursday. “And that would make me cry, these organizations helped me. I was dying.”

Mallards found a shelter in December and said they had been calm for seven months. For others like Becky Row, she says Brook Mead Park is no longer a place to visit.

“I just couldn’t really get there without a little fear,” says Becky Lowe, founder of an organization called Reclaim Brookemeade Park.

At the meeting on Thursday, Rowe handed out shirts and signs. Purpose? Regain the Greenway and find a home for the people who live there.

“It’s just not on people’s radar,” says Rowe. “And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on radar because we’re so noisy.”

Rowe says he didn’t get a response after sending countless emails to city leaders for five years. At a meeting on Thursday, Metro Nashville West District Police and Judy Stackett, Metro Director of the Homeless Impact Division, spoke.

“We need a community to help find vouchers, landlords who are accepting Section 8 vouchers,” says Tuckett of News4. “There is an incentive for the landlord to work with us.”

So far, the city has exceeded its affordable housing target of 400 units this year, according to Mr. Tuckett. Others like Rowe want to see more.

“What the city isn’t doing is really tackling the fact that they don’t have a place to put them,” says Rowe. “And this notion of affordable housing is just an excuse for what isn’t happening.”

“I’m moving to an apartment this week,” Magamo announced at a meeting that was applauded. “It’s not easy. We don’t like being there. I still think of each and every one of the people there, the people there are my friends.”

The mayor’s office states that it will specifically assign people to work on the Brook Mead Park plan.

City leaders plan to find housing for those in Charlotte Pike homeless camp | News Source link City leaders plan to find housing for those in Charlotte Pike homeless camp | News

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