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Riverside, California 2022-05-24 22:08:28 –

The famous Serena Kintanilla Memorial has been a staple of Corpus Christi for over 20 years. The Arts and Culture Commission wants to keep this statue in perfect condition for years to come.

“We are serious about maintaining all the public art in the city, especially preserving and maintaining one of them. It’s our special and she is our girl. That’s what ACC’s liaison Shelly Rios said.

Rios said he had the original artist out and is considering not only rewaxing and stripping the statue, but also other additional improvements that could be added to the Tejanos legendary monument.

“We need to repaint the roses, repaint the walls, relight and rebuild,” Rios said.

ACC makes the statue look fresh to all visitors who travel far and go to see her on their own, like Yasmine Ramadan, who is visiting to see one of the idols from London, England. I think it is important to do.

“I thought it would be darker than that,” Ramadan said. “I’m just from the museum, so I drop in at different places, but I love the gorgeous flowers, the floor notes, and the notes from my husband. It’s a really nice place, a really nice monument.”

In addition to keeping the monument beautiful, Rios said he is considering installing security cameras on site.

“Recently, there has been tampering. Unfortunately, that’s why we’re working on a camera,” Rios said.

According to Rios, each monument costs about 10,000 to catch up every few years-and they are working on their rotation maintenance schedules on a priority basis.

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City of Corpus Christi looks to ‘refresh’ the Selena statue Source link City of Corpus Christi looks to ‘refresh’ the Selena statue

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